12 electric VTOL’s that are actually flying

I am pretty excited about all the electric VTOL’s that are progressing rapidly. The biggest reason we have been writing about electric aircraft is because

2000km on the Luna X-1 singletrack only, was it worth it?

Looking down at the odometer on my Luna X-1 I realized that I had just turned over 2000km on the clock. For normal ebikes 2000km

The Alia-250, a VTOL from Beta Technologies in Vermont

This is a 6-seat electric aircraft that uses four “stowaway” rotors for initial lift, and one rear-facing propeller for sustained flight. Several years ago they

Edison Motors, Hybrid Electric Trucks from Canada

I like hybrid electrical powertrains, so I was excited to see these being produced. Some of our readers may remember an article I wrote on

The Sun Pony is a Tri-motor Tandem Tricycle designed for Epic Long Distance Ebike Adventures

My good friend Laurence Clarkberg is the one who destroyed my life about a decade ago by selling me my first ebike. He decided to

Electric car chargers that want federal funding should be forced to have a standard 20 Amp plug for ebikes, scooters and emergency car charging

Now that all the electric car charging companies are lining up for handouts from the federal government to expand the US electric charging infrastructure, this

Votol controllers for hot rod builds

I have to confess that I am no expert when it comes to controllers, and when I find someone who has a lot of experience

Ford, GM, Rivian, Toyota, and Volvo adopt the Tesla NACS charging port

This is big news, but there’s not much to add after reading the title. Tesla did two very important things early on. The first is

Two Builds using a 3SHUL VESC Controller

One of the most often asked questions about any electric conversion is “what controller should I use?”. Controllers are the last remaining voodoo in electric

DIY motor from scratch, the Lebowski 2300W Axial-Flux

I’m not going to say that making a motor from scratch is “easy”, but…if you decide you simply have to build one, then the Lebowski

The Talaria Sting MX4 “R”, and why I like it

These past few months, I have been hearing a lot about the New Talaria Sting, and how it compared to the popular Sur-Ron Light Bee.

Power vs Pedal: An In-Depth Look at the Maintenance Needs of Ebikes vs Bicycles

I was slumming it on Twitter today when I came across the following post: I started to really think about this chart and started to

Going Green and Saving Green: How E-Bikes Can Benefit the Postal Service

Today we’re talking about something near and dear to our hearts: saving cold hard cash. Specifically, how the US Postal Service can save a ton

Replacing the rear hub and swapping the 12 speed drivetrain for a 10 speed on my Luna X-1

For the last 3 years I have really enjoyed riding my Ludicrous enabled Luna X-1 Full suspension ebike. After much use and abuse the rear

Steve’s Wooden Vectrix

This beautiful custom scooter really impressed me as soon as I saw it. As you can imagine, Steve is a experienced wooden boat builder, and

My absolute nightmare buying a Lithium Battery direct from China

I thought I would save a few dollars on getting a 5kWh LifePo4 battery for my wife’s off grid home. Little did I know that