10 Fastest Production Ebikes 2017

September 19, 2016

This is an update of a list that was done back in 2012, and today in 2017 the fastest ebikes are  looking much better than it was back then…bikes are getting faster, lighter and less expensive. And there are some exciting contenders on this list.  Most exciting is 3 bikes on this list just came to market this year so the future looks bright.

This list is done in our favorite bikes considering these factors:

  • Top Speed
  • Weight
  • Price
  • Stealthy looking
  • Reliability
  • Styling
  • Availablility

#1 Stealth Electric Bike

Sometimes the best form of flattery is when someone copies you.  And the Stealth electric bike in 2016 is being copied by many.  The Stealth is still a benchmark in production ebikes and despite its heavy weight, heavy hub motor and high price…it still  belongs at the top of the 2016 list.  It is the only survivor from the 2012 List.

Company Website


#2  Luna Cycle Apex

Luna Cycle is no doubt  one of the most exciting companies to hit the ebike scene in recent years, and moves at a  fast and  furious pace. After establishing themselves as the biggest mid drive seller in the world they dive into production announcing the “Luna Apex” as their first mass production ebike, featuring full suspension fat bike, Carbon, 2500 watt mid drive, and a 28ah 52v battery (1500 watt hours) consisting of the brand new Samsung 21750 Cell.   


# 3 High Power Cycle Revolution

High  Power Cycles  has been around longer than anyone in the USA as a high power electric bike seller and recently announced the “Revolution”, a bike built from the ground up to be an electric bike and it is awesome.


#4 Caterham Carbon (BBSHD version)

The Caterham Carbon is a unique looking bike that was recently successfully funded in a kickstarter project. Its an exciting example of the daring ebike projects that crowdfunding have made possible.  This one was designed in Italy.


#5 Outrider Trike

The Outrider is a unique vehicle that has been around for years and was on our 2012 list. (read our review of this trike).  It is an American-made vehicle using an amazing American power-plant. the Astro Flight motor (read article about astro).  As  expected it is high priced for this level of engineering.


#6 Nyx Bike

This Canadian made bike is made up of top components including a light and strong carbon fiber frame. It has all the makings of a super bike…



#7 Vintage Electric Tracker

Don’t let the old school looks of this ebike fool you. It still gets up and hauls. Great road bike.



#8 Karmic Koben

karmen kobin.jpg

This is among the sexiest of the bikes on the list, is super lightweight and uses the cutting edge Bafand mid drive. This bike earns its place on this list by looking cool as hell, lightweight and stealthy…And a perfectly balanced mid drive. It doesn’t get it’s speed from raw power, but from a light and balanced package.

#9 M55


The m55 is pure beauty, but…at an incredibly high price.

 #10 LA Ebikes Edge Pro

LA eBikes is a relatively new player in the game whose specialty is ultra-high powered ebikes.  Based on the Electric Enduro frame, the LA eBikes Pro Edge uses a high power hub motor (read on it here) and a big 72v  battery…a easy recipe for 45-mph performance.

See the 2012 Fastest Ebike List to See How this List Changed in 5 years time


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