10 Fastest Production Ebikes 2017

September 19, 2016

This is an update of a list that was done back in 2012, and today in 2017 the fastest ebikes are  looking much better than it was back then…bikes are getting faster, lighter and less expensive. And there are some exciting contenders on this list.  Most exciting is 3 bikes on this list just came to market this year so the future looks bright.

This list is done in our favorite bikes considering these factors:

  • Top Speed
  • Weight
  • Price
  • Stealthy looking
  • Reliability
  • Styling
  • Availablility

#1 Stealth Electric Bike

Sometimes the best form of flattery is when someone copies you.  And the Stealth electric bike in 2016 is being copied by many.  The Stealth is still a benchmark in production ebikes and despite its heavy weight, heavy hub motor and high price…it still  belongs at the top of the 2016 list.  It is the only survivor from the 2012 List.

Company Website


#2  Luna Cycle Apex

Luna Cycle is no doubt  one of the most exciting companies to hit the ebike scene in recent years, and moves at a  fast and  furious pace. After establishing themselves as the biggest mid drive seller in the world they dive into production announcing the “Luna Apex” as their first mass production ebike, featuring full suspension fat bike, Carbon, 2500 watt mid drive, and a 28ah 52v battery (1500 watt hours) consisting of the brand new Samsung 21750 Cell.   


# 3 High Power Cycle Revolution

High  Power Cycles  has been around longer than anyone in the USA as a high power electric bike seller and recently announced the “Revolution”, a bike built from the ground up to be an electric bike and it is awesome.


#4 Caterham Carbon (BBSHD version)

The Caterham Carbon is a unique looking bike that was recently successfully funded in a kickstarter project. Its an exciting example of the daring ebike projects that crowdfunding have made possible.  This one was designed in Italy.


#5 Outrider Trike

The Outrider is a unique vehicle that has been around for years and was on our 2012 list. (read our review of this trike).  It is an American-made vehicle using an amazing American power-plant. the Astro Flight motor (read article about astro).  As  expected it is high priced for this level of engineering.


#6 Nyx Bike

This Canadian made bike is made up of top components including a light and strong carbon fiber frame. It has all the makings of a super bike…



#7 Vintage Electric Tracker

Don’t let the old school looks of this ebike fool you. It still gets up and hauls. Great road bike.



#8 Karmic Koben

karmen kobin.jpg

This is among the sexiest of the bikes on the list, is super lightweight and uses the cutting edge Bafand mid drive. This bike earns its place on this list by looking cool as hell, lightweight and stealthy…And a perfectly balanced mid drive. It doesn’t get it’s speed from raw power, but from a light and balanced package.

#9 M55


The m55 is pure beauty, but…at an incredibly high price.

 #10 LA Ebikes Edge Pro

LA eBikes is a relatively new player in the game whose specialty is ultra-high powered ebikes.  Based on the Electric Enduro frame, the LA eBikes Pro Edge uses a high power hub motor (read on it here) and a big 72v  battery…a easy recipe for 45-mph performance.

See the 2012 Fastest Ebike List to See How this List Changed in 5 years time


  1. The only one of these that would pass as an Ebike in my town would be the Specialized Turbo. You might get away with the Optibike for a while, but eventually you’re gonna end up in front of a judge. Of course, if you could afford an M55, Audi, Opti or Blacktail you’ve obviously got money to burn anyway, so go for it. Otherwise get a Zero and a license.

    • why isn’t the falcon airforce ebike on the list?

  2. okay then.
    if ur gonna delete my opti1500 hedz-up then no more tipz4u

  3. Anyone who thinks the Optibike is sexy looking should have their head checked!

    • Go Fuck yourself you idiot!!

      • No I’m pretty sure your living in a basement.

        • That kid is triggered, probably got an optibike for birthsday xd But i got good news for you boy, you are gonna grow out from liking optibike at the same time as liking action man and family guy ( ͡º ͜ʖ͡º)

  4. god but to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ O may F…. ing good man say bay to the world

  5. For some of the prices of these bikes, you could buy a Toyota Prius! Those prices are extortionate. Who in their right mind would be able to go green, and buy an ebike at those prices. No incentive to buy something like that at all.

    • Unfortunately the bikes are expensive, maybe you even could buy a Toyota Prius or other car types. But I would never go that way. It’s immoderately expensive to use the gasoline powered cars! The cars also burn immoderately much gasoline. Every litre gasoline is 8,72 kWh energy and 5 litres per 100 kilometres is 43,6 kWh on the same range. Electric cars don’t use up such a lot of energy at all, usually they use up only 10-15 kWh/100 km of the electric power.

      I was interested of electric cars and many more vehicles. I got an e-bike but I also got an electric motorboat. The electric cars are expensive to buy as a matter fact but not all of them. Twikes are not that expensive like the other cars, $18000 for the cheapest Twike is still not that much compared to what a luxury car often costs. My e-bike was neither costing more than 5000 Swedish crowns in Skene in Sweden. That was the last e-bike in the shop that I could get so I was lucky not to miss it, otherwise the same product would cost 12000 crowns in Helsingborg. The e-bikes cost usually more than 10000 crowns but my bike wasn’t that expensive like in Helsingborg. Anyway I would never buy a gasoline powered vehicle, I would either buy an electric vehicle that isn’t sportive instead of a gasoline powered, “comfortable” vehicle.

      The gasoline powered vehicles are never sportive. They haven’t got bicycle pedals or anything that trains the human muscles so the only car I know that really is sportive is a Twike. Otherwise there are even some sportive motorbikes like the Outrider USA. Everything that has got bicycle pedals can be sportive. It would be better for the environment if everyone went green and bought themselves the electric bikes and cars, it would also get more economical to drive electric vehicles than those powered by the gasoline. Biogas is cheaper than the gasoline and more environmental friendly but it’s still immoderately expensive to buy and use, it’s neither environmental friendly at all (the problems with carbon oxides, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides aren’t solved yet). The exhaust that we make by transportations is worse to the human health and lives than passive smoking.

      • Forgive him as some people just cant understand the green thing or riding with the wind in your hair.

    • Those bikes are the high end extreme for ebikes. I ride an ebike daily that I paid about $2k for. It has been excellent transportation. I get more exercise than I would otherwise. I get feel good points for not burning fuel. No matter how broke I am I never stress about gas prices.

      • How long has the bike lasted you? And how fast is it?

    • Wrong. You could buy 3
      Or 4 prius Toyota’s.

    • I can only speak for myself, but going green had nothing to do with my ebike purchase. In fact, both my SUVs are lucky to get 12mpg. You buy these bikes for the fun factor, not the green factor.

    • yeah

  6. they say that this M55 Bicycle top speed 50 MPH + & Up

  7. Roseman
    I own a BH easymotion cross. @ $ 2690 has great speed and well designed.

  8. stromers are tight as hell and only 3500$, you cant buy a prius chassis for that.

  9. I assembled my own folding e-bike by buying 1.5Kw motor on a 48V 20AH lithium battery and placed it on a Montague folding bike. The kit was fairly easy to assemble and after placing a larger crank for pedalling I get a combined speed of around 35-40mph. I use the bike everyday to go to the train stations where I fold it up once on board the train. I am very happy with it and the whole thing cost me around £900 ($1500)

    • Eddy, do you have a video or information on how to do something like this?


  10. its the nicest thing.. made.. today.. may b better than “Stealth” its price is.around 5-6??.. not 8$. it soo nice i’ll trade my Audi A4 qoutro..only..problem.. freezing..& run over by other motorist.!;(.
    its just openions.. no need for foul languag..is it freedom of speech??!!

  11. You can literally buy a camaro or a brand new mustang even a charger there is a lot of cars people drive everyday you could get for this outrages price for a damn slow ass bicycle I mean come on 50 mph you might as well get a four wheeler or why not just get a regular bicycle you get a lot of exercise on them which you’ll have more fun on and its cheaper who ever came up with this price for a bicycle you are completely stupid you people that made the sight to waste peoples time to come on and think there getting a good deal you’re some damn dumb ass idiots

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    Thank you in advance ,Joseph.

  13. Why does the Prodeco V3(s) Phanthom, Genesis, and Storm (even on Amazon) fail to make list of this type? It has several features which make it a logical step into electric bike consideration. Cost, (1100.00 to about 2000.00) frame compatibility with proven existing designs, 20 mph speed, wheel/tire replacement in abundance, and its design being of the mountain bike variety. I’ve been eyeing the Prodeco’s, and the electric hub, (they are sold in kit form with varying quality). In addition to short commutes, I’ve given thought to using as a Proideco style for training aid/stepping stone for confidence building with entry level motorcycle classes.

    • Prodeco, well…. I have three Prodecos, which I like. I also have a 1500wt on a Montague, which I really like. Prodeco is really not operating a business, they seem to, but are not. They do not answer calls, or respond to emails. The BBB now rates them as FFF. Replacement batteries are not available from Prodeco, or anything else. Their website is still up. They have been sold, probably twice. I wish they were operating, but they are not.

  14. I have had an M55 for over three years, it was made to special order. Unfortunately shortly after delivery my back went in a big way, unconnected, so I only started riding the bike properly this year. I am out in Marbella where we have some of the greatest enduro terrain in the world, my other bike is a Sherco 250. The M55 is a great hybrid fun machine with enough power to keep you interested and light enough to go places where a motorcycle would fear to tread. The suspension is first class, the handling is excellent and after a two hour ride it takes its place in my front room as a work of art. The downsides other than the price are the weight, you can pedal it but you wouldn’t want to try getting up a real hill unassisted but it’s the range that is the big limitation. On mountain terrain two hours is pushing it, if the technology allowed an all day ride it would be truly worth the money.

  15. I’d rather buy a Tesla P100D much faster, and only slightly more expensive!

  16. The Stromer ST1 is street legal: it falls in the category of Speed-Pedelecs and are in the same class as Mopeds.

  17. If battery run out ebikes become much slower to cycle than one without battery.

    Example Stromer St1 Platinum weighs massive 30kg. You could take half of that weight if take the battery out. Battery dies out after 30km. Like you had a flat tyre. Good luck with that bicyle No, ebikes will never be a yes to me.

  18. Thanks for the breakdown and teaser for electric MTB bikes. Would it be possible to update the article with battery capacity (Watt-Hour) and estimated range or potential minutes of use? Also recharge period would be useful and if the battery can be swapped.

  19. I think you forgot vectorbikes… the typhoon v2 has 14000 !!!Watts and Two disc front breaks!

    • +1 stealth bomber b52 vs vector typhoon v2.0…which one!?

  20. I Pick M55 Terminus E-Bicycle

  21. I am just seeing this site as I am looking at alternative modes of transportation. Who in their right mind would compare a Twike to a “Luxury Vehicle”. Why would someone event waste the digital media space to compare this to a luxury vehicle (who are these elitist commentators?), one should look at a Twike compared to a standard basic small economy car and velomobile w/ various electric options because this thing has nothing when it comes to amenities. This looks like an interesting motorized trike / velomobile but, they are going for the extreme stuffed shirt group and not the practical when it comes to the pricing structure. There is a reason these type vehicles aren’t common place and it isn’t because of practicality, it is because they are so high priced, the average person can get several used cars for the price of one and throw them away when they finally are beyond repair and never reach the cost of this vehicle. It would take away from the image of the well to do dressed-up person stepping out of one if a mom and pop stepped out in day to day clothes.

    I am very familiar with economy of scale and for those that think that is the reason, think again. Look at the materials built in and their costs and you will quickly see that the profit margin on these are astronomical. I live completely off-the-grid but taking a job position away from home and looking at cost effective and efficient transportation that is a step above a bicycle. This type is efficient, the mark up is not effective. It’s just a toy priced for those who have nothing else better to do with their money.

    Does anyone know of a common person’s equivalent to the Twike?

  22. who ever came up with this prices has got to be really dumb and hit there hard hard. No one in there right mind would pay $36,000 for a bike not even professional racers

  23. Overall nice electric bicycles here. But you can buy conversion kit for under $200 and get the relative speed.

  24. @CyklonEbike, max power 12kW-18kW, max speed 90-115km/h, li-ion battery pack 4kWh, price 6000-7000€

  25. Haven seen anything from Daymak which has bikes that can go 28 mph as well and cost way less than the bikes you have listed on here.

  26. The Karmic Koben pictured here does not appear to match a bike available from them, instead there’s just a choice of two models, one being a run of the mill mountain style e-bike called the Karmic Koben and the other a rather dull-looking variant of the model on this list called the Karmic Koben S. Obviously they began with something interesting and somehow lost there way by the time they arrived at the market version by the looks of things? This list also needs a bit of an update..

  27. Wow very insightful… I love my ebike very much, it gives me the enthusiasm to go outside and see an adventure and too think I got it as such an affordable price on cubespree its a blessing

  28. These are not bikes at all. Bikes do not have motors, ever. They are Electric Light Vehicles or ELV’s. Please stop calling them bikes. “E-bike is the dumbest name ever. We really need to come up with some accurate, “pedelec?” Regardless these should never be allowed on bike trails, bike paths or any bicycle infrastructure. If you go 50 mph you go on the road like all the other motorcycles.

  29. I noted the price of the Luna Apex at $3500 – in the article – and a really light weight, so I click on the link and found that it is actually $6000 (six K USD), unknown actual weight. Poorly researched article, lies or SUPER wishful thinking on the pricing?

  30. I ride an EZ green, as my daily rider in San Diego California. I spent $250 on craigslists,and bought three batteries for two fifty each. I charge from solar panels on my motorhome. I take it on the bus and trolly.I absolutely love my e bike.I am 61 years old and have ridden bicycles since I was three.

  31. Would be great to see a 2018 update to this list and annually thereafter.

  32. First of all, THANKS for an informational article about fastest Electric bikes. you have provided all the necessary information required for a person who is going to buy an electric bike. After reading your article, I am going to buy M55.

  33. is there a speed limit when it comes to legality to have a license to ride or is the main focus on weight? this is for people that live in the US, say california.
    love the Luna fat tire version.

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