Top 10 Lightest Electric Bikes

May 28, 2013
To build a lightweight electric bike is a mission full of compromises. Forget ride comfort, balloon tires, comfy seat, suspension and other niceties. Forget top speed and long range, which would require a large battery and heavy motor. Forget doing it on the cheap, because lightweight bicycle pieces are expensive. If you really want a lightweight electric bike you are going to have to pay for it with cash and ride quality…and might as well forget high performance…the only thing exciting about these bikes is their light weight…however most of these also give you stealthiness because they look like normal bikes. Because of the onset of affordable LiPo batteries and new ebike motor technologies, lightweight ebikes have become a build-able and sell-able possibility. As LiPo batteries become lighter, more powerful, and more affordable we can only expect this list to improve. We only considered complete functioning electric bikes for this list…no tiny clown folding bikes etc.


#1  Montanara Volta, 19 pounds

240-WH of LiPo. This bike was home-built by Jean-Pierre Schiltknecht with the purpose of building the lightest mountain bike ever, and setting a Guinness Book of World Record. No expense was spared, this very special  bike cost over $15,000 to make. It is a mid-drive running through the gears using a tiny RC motor, and despite its lightweight and seemingly delicate construction, this ebike is a mountain climber. Read our article on this ebike

#2 Vivax Veloce, 21.5 pounds



160-WH of LiPo $5,500. This bike uses the legendary Gruber Assist motor which is built into the seat post which is the stealthiest ebike set up imaginable. Almost no way to tell the above bike is an electric bike except for its push button accelerator (which also can be hidden). The Gruber Assist is so stealthy that it is suspected of being used as a cheating device in a big bicycle race. Read our article on the Gruber Assist.

#3  Super Commuter, 28 pounds


250-WH of Hobby King LiPo, $3,000 spent in parts with a carbon frame (It would be $1,000 cheaper and only 2 pounds heavier with an aluminum frame). This bike was home-built by Kepler who decided to sell his modified 50mph Stealth Bomber and build this bike with the funds. Read our article on the Super Commuter and Keplers decision to go with a lightweight ebike.


#4  Adrian’s Commuter Booster, 28 pounds


200-WH of Hobby King LiPo. This bike uses an innovative friction drive which turns the back wheel with a tiny RC motor that actually spins against the back wheel.  All the electronics (except for the dashboard and power switch) are clamped to the seat post for easy removal at any time without tools. Visit the Commuter Booster Site

#5  Cytronex Cannondale Capo, 30 pounds


96-WH Nickel metal hydride battery (NiMH). $2,600 This one is definitely our least favorite bike on this list because of its outdated and tiny NiMH battery pack. Visit this bikes website

#6 Prodego 29er Titanium, 31.8 pounds


205-WH battery, $5,000. One of the sexiest bikes on this list, the frame is made from Titanium with no paint. Titanium is known for being sweet looking, lightweight, strong, and expensive, and an ebike made up of it is a rare piece of ebike porn. This bike is basically a conversion bike built by a company. It can easily be built the same way as a home build. It would be even sexier and cleaner with an internal gear hub in the rear such as a Rohloff. This is possible because this is a front wheel drive ebike. Get more info on this bike from the Prodego website


#7 BH eMotion Carbon, 35 pounds


288-WH Panasonic LiPo,  $4,000. Carbon is another sexy bike frame material that only a few ebikes are made of. This one is not only carbon but also has a high-quality Panasonic mid drive.

#8 Nader’s Mountain E-bikes, 35-40 pounds


(typically 300-WH contained in a water bottle) Nader is a talented home builder who became obsessed with building lightweight hub powered mountain bikes. He does not have just one, but an entire stable full of these magnificent lightweight bikes. See Naders lightweight mountain bike collection

#9 Solar Bike Fixie, 38.6 pounds

electric-fixie 324-WH Panasonic LiPo. The bargain ebike of this bunch. This lightweight electric bike will cost you $1,650, including shipping from Australia. This ebike builder bought 50 of these fixie bikes from China, and does the motor conversions himself. Why is it so light? For one it is a fixie bike which means no gears and limited braking in order to make it simpler and lighter. Visit the Solar Bike Website

#10  Specialized Turbo, 45 pounds

racebuild 343-WH Panasonic LiPo $7,000. The Specialized Turbo has the largest battery on this list, and is by no coincidence also the heaviest (and most expensive). The Specialized Turbo has it all (28-MPH top speed, excellent components) except for an affordable price. Read our review on the Specialized Turbo


Not many manufacturers are concerned with building lightweight ebikes because of the necessary compromises (high cost and low performance). For most manufacturers its easier to exaggerate how light an electric bike is (one common trick is specify weight without ebike battery). For example the ridiculous $88k Blacktrail Bt-01 claims to be 40 pounds (yeah right!). What we learn from this list is to build a lightweight electric bike usually takes a thin road bike, a skimpy battery pack, and  a puny motor. The only thing big about these bikes is their price-tag, because they use lightweight (and expensive)  components. As it turns out it is very easy to build a lightweight bike yourself if you are willing to spend the money, and if you use a small geared hub motor. Look to the home builds on this list for inspiration if you want to build one yourself. Most of these bikes have the capacity to carry larger battery packs if the owner so chooses. They are shown here in their most lightweight configurations. 3 of these bikes are Australian (Super Commuter, Commuter Booster, Solar Fixie) 8 are road bikes 2 are mountain bikes 3 are made of carbon (the Montanara Volta, the Super Commuter, and the BH eMotion) 4 are home builds. Someday we hope to make a top 10 list entirely of production electric bikes. But at the moment there are not 10 lightweight production ebikes on the market worthy of this list. 3 of these bikes are mid-drives (through the gears). Mid-drives allow a bike to use much smaller (and lighter) motors and still be capable of decent hill climbing. BH eMotion, Vivax, and Montonara Volta 2 were purpose built to be ebikes (Specialized Turbo, BH Motion Carbon), the others are conversion bikes. 1 of these bikes does not have gears (the Solar Fixie Bike) All of these bikes except for one (Cannondale) have LiPo packs.

Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


  1. Great article. I would love to see some sort of commercial/retail version of the Montanara Volta. What do you think about the “Daedalus” from Emazing Bike? It is listed as 36lb, and retails for about $1.5 k. Maybe not the highest quality, nor the lightest, but it seems like it would be worth checking out.

  2. I want to convert my beloved Santa Cruz super 8 to electric. This is a great old school downhill bike, quite heavy and built for rugged speedy descent. Can someone recommend which way to go,which motor.front or rear, which controller, battery pack. Any other mods?Much appreciated.

  3. This is a Prodeco Titanio not ‘prodego’ !

  4. Most of hese bikes will make your wallet lighter as well. My personal choice would be Ejoebike ONE, it is under 45 pounds and only $1,299.

  5. Loosing comfortable ride, range and power not to mention higher costs are big questions with few good answers for this ebike fan. Ultralight (non electric) performance bikes abound. Want that then go for it. As already noted forcing motored and battery laden electric bikes to be light necessarily reduces comfort, range, and power. Too much compromise for small “stealth” benefits. “You can’t always get what you want”

    • Hi ! I like your comment, I have a problem right now with positioning about price and functional. Could you give me a tip here ? Thanks.

      • Careful buyers usually get what they pay for … Pay less and you often get less. I bought the SMART ebike and paid more to get all those desirable things Mercedes delivers. Great value and support in my experience to date.

        • My question was followed to product i`m working on right now and we focused on quality and personalization. Understood custom service and details would make product more expensive, but it will do the deal. Would be interested to chat with you personally. You can mail me to or leave your contact. Thanks.

        • Thx for contact !

  6. How about the lightest bike for 5′ female’- I would have to take a flying leap to get on these bikes,

  7. Faraday Cortland 42 lbs.

  8. I need something that is easy to carry up and down stairs.

    • Try GoCycle (really nifty) or the latest Brompton’s.

      • Not bad, it’s 35 lbs. …but at 4 grand….I’ll just get a moped or something, and park it in the street, lol.

        • Oh lord. I’d forgotten how expensive new e bikes can be. I tend to look for 2nd hand on Gumtree, eBay, Bike Exchange…
          I don’t think you’ll find one lighter than GoCycle or Brompton. If you do, let me know!

    • I’m currently looking at the M2S All-Go. Carbon Fiber, cool looking design, stated 33 lbs with a stiff fork for $2250. I haven’t seen anything that light that comes even close to that price. The luna Bike Grit I think it’s called is in the same category, a bit cheaper but over 40lbs. I also have a significant number of stairs to haul the bike up so I’m in the same boat.

  9. What use is a ‘lightest’ bike if you don’t get any performance advantage out of it? No long range? No top speed? No rid comfort and other ‘niceties’. Basically nothing and an added price tag to boot so what’s the f*ckin point then? At least with all other transportation vehicles be it cars, motorcycles, regular bikes, electric cars, being lightweight has a point usually it’s speed and/or range. This however is just idiocy.
    Sure, you can carry it more easily. In that case, if that’s your prime reason for buying an e-bike then you shouldn’t be looking at e-bikes at all.

  10. The major reason I want a lightweight e-bike is so that I can largely ride it as a regular bike and only occasionally use the assist and so that I won’t notice quite so much when the battery runs out of juice going up a hill. Other reasons I want a lightweight e-bike: so that I can easily lift it onto the bus bike rack; so that I can hang the front tire on the bike hooks in our light rail trains; so that I can put it on a car rack; so that I can occasionally carry it up stairs.

    Eric, I do hope you will be updating this article soon. I’d like to buy one this year! Thanks for providing it and thanks to those who have added other suggestions.

  11. Hello!
    We made one of lightest e bike in the world! RLE Bike Highland XT
    Frame Titanium
    Motor 250W (European standard) Concealed installation – rear wheel hub.
    Battery on the basis of the 18650 elements Panasonic (Tesla parts) 345Wh
    Fork FOX 32 Float Fit4, F-S, 27,5″ 100mm
    Transmission Shimano XT 11 Speed
    If you intresting –

  12. Jan, I disagree with your carry as a prime reason/not be looking at e bikes. My primary reason for an e assist is age and medical problems. Carting a heavy bike around, trying to lift it onto a vehicle would not work, and riding from home is not a possibility. I know there are light-weight e bikes out there. Price, within reason, is not a big concern. Need a 2018 update. E bikes are common in Europe, will eventually be more mainstream in the US.

  13. The PedaEasy electric bicycles made in Ottawa Canada are only 25lbs. And only $2500 Canadian. One of the lightest and most affordable (for that weight group). Surprised and disappointed it wasn’t in this review.

  14. Actually, shows 3 ebikes, 36-38lbs.

  15. I assume the Trump tariff will raise the $7,000 price even more in the US.

  16. First of all thanks for such a comprehensive article about light electric bikes. it is very helpful especially for beginners like me. After reading this article, Now I am able to pick the best one and I am going to choose Montanara Volta. What do you say about my choice?

  17. A FIXIE bike is a bike with fixed gears. So when the cranks turn the wheels also will and vise versa! That bike does have a freehub. This is the 3rd article that I read on this blog and it contains stupid mistakes. I’m oudy!

  18. I bet the record. The worlds lightest electric bicycle weights 6,872 kg. It is proven by GUINNES WORLD RECORDS.

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