Electric Bikes everywhere; past the “100 posts” mark

June 23, 2012

Things are going good. Got several good staff writers now….spinningmagnets, kingfish, and deerfencer. And for the most part we are ticking like a clock. I have been dedicating more and more time to the site…becoming like an obsession. This week I wrote 5 stories. culminating in the 10 fastest bikes on the planet story which is the one I am most excited about. We are getting a lot of good reference material down like kingfish’s 9C hub motor story which I will be able to link to in the future.

We got an unexpected submission from Roger and his recumbent story…I liked the story so much I am finding I want myself a recumbent. Also inspired by Cedric Lynch’s 60-MPH recumbent (pictured) which is more the direction I would like to go.  And another few submissions including an exciting story about a rider who is riding over the rockies on an electric bike, so we are actually back logged on stories to publish for next week.

We passed 100 posts total on the website,  and today we are officially 4 months old.  It has been an unbelievable amount of work but now I feel we are starting to become a real electric bike website that people will be able to reference for years  to come. I hope that we can help bring electric bikes into the mainstream.

Google must have realized it was our 4 month birthday, and  finally put us on the first page of the electric bike search…a goal of mine from the very beginning. I am not holding my breath. We were ranked 35 on that search yesterday, today we are ranked 5, and who knows where we rank tomorrow. But for tonight I am having a celebration with some electric bike friends to  enjoy just being on the front page…even for a day.

Traffic to the site is growing steadily.

The weather in San Franciso was absolutely gorgeous last week and I took a number of electric bike rides. For the first time I am starting to spot other electric bikes while out riding. I guess that is a good thing but it does have its drawback because I realize that tradtional cyclysts are not fooled any more by my electric bike and I get shouted at that I’m a “cheater” about twice as much as before.

Oh well.

I guess its better that its not our secret domain forever! But riding electric bikes feels like such a special sauce that very few know about….I guess that could potentially change. What a dichotomy! Anyway it has been a fantastic few years of having the bike lanes to my electrified self. And I guess I dont mind sharing with other E-bikers like myself.



Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


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