March 17, 2014

Grew up in Los Angeles California, US Navy submarine mechanic from 1977-81/SanDiego. Hydraulic mechanic in the 1980's/Los Angeles. Heavy equipment operator in the 1990's/traveled to various locations. Dump truck driver in the 2000's/SW Utah. Currently a water plant operator since 2010/NW Kansas


  1. I. Have. A. Di. Blasi. Motor bike. The. Back. Wheel. Was. Broken. When I. Got. Bike. Difficult to get parts. Its. One. Of. The. Old. Fold up. Small. Like. A. Monkey. Bike. Big. Fat. 5inch. Wheels. Also. The. Wheel. Is. Alloy. Or. Maybe. Hard. Plastic. Not. Sure. If. I. Got. The. Electric. Hub. To. Replace. The. Old. Drum. Brakes. I. Think. It. Might. Work. For. Me. A. Front. Wheel motor. And. Back. Motor. Might. Be. Needed But. I. Was. Thinking. Of. Putting. An electric. Hub. Motor. Instead. The. Hub. Type. Would. Be. Ideal. As. I. Could. Mount. Disc. Breaks. Onto. The. Hub. Maybe. They. Can. Use. The. Heat. From. The. Brakes. To generate. Power. Like. Some. Cars. If. The. Cost. Allowed I. Hope Some.company. can. Do. This. As. A. Kit. Conversion.

  2. Hi! I know this is kinda old but could you name the components on the transmission?
    I have a very similar motor with the outer (transmission output) ring broken and I’d search for a replacement before attempting to weld it. But I have very little to search about as I have no idea how it’s actually called 😀

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