20 Celebrities on Ebikes

August 10, 2020

Celebrities often try to have a relaxing day once in a while being incognito. I wouldn’t call it a “disguise” but sunglasses and a floppy hat can help quite a bit. Sometimes they are caught on an ebike, so here’s a list we compiled to show that there is a growing awareness of ebikes.


1. Simon Cowell is well-known British music producer. He was a host and judge of the TV show “American Idol” and also more recently “America’s Got Talent”. Due to his work in the American entertainment industry, one of his homes is in Santa Monica, near the beach. In August of 2020, he injured his back badly (requiring surgery), when he crashed his powerful and expensive Swind EB-01 ebike.

Simon Cowell on his Spitzing M1, from Austria. He has at least two of these, one in Santa Monica, with another in the UK


2. Arnold Schwarzenegger needs no introduction, since he is world-famous. Bodybuilding champion, global action movie star, and Governor of California. He has been seen on many different ebikes, riding near the beach in southern California.

Arnold, on a custom fatbike with the powerful Bafang Ultra motor. Speaking of power, Arnold is 73, and still continues to stay in great shape.


3. Martha Stewart built up a 100-million dollar publishing empire about cooking and crafting on her own. She was accused of getting inside stock tips, and because she refused to take a deal and snitch, the feds threw the book at her. She did time as a felon in a federal prison, but she’s out now. One of the funniest developments is her current friendship with Snoop Dogg, so I wonder if she’s tried any new brownie recipes?

Martha Stewart on her 48V Pedego cruiser.


4. William Shatner became famous as Captain Kirk on the TV show “Star Trek”. He also did a great job as Denny Crane on “Boston Legal”. He is a spokesman for Pedego ebikes, and there are dozens of pics available of him riding different models.

William Shatner on a Pedego cruiser at the age of 89.


5. Jay Leno was the host of “The Tonight Show” for over 16 years, and he now has a youtube channel about his passion for cars and motorcycles, called “Jay Leno’s Garage”. Here is a link to his review of Vintage Electric Cruisers (click here), and here is his review of the Lightning electric motorcycle, below.

Here’s Jay on an expensive carbon-fiber Blacktrail (no longer in business)


6. Leonardo DiCaprio is a famous actor who has been seen on a variety of ebikes, including a Stromer ST1.

Leo DiCaprio on an A2B


7. Harrison Ford played Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise, along with Indiana Jones in the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” trilogy. He is an experienced aircraft pilot.

Harrison Ford, still in great shape at 78


8. Gene Hackman has been in too many movies to list, and he is one of my favorites. If you can only see three of his movies, I recommend “The French Connection”, plus “Enemy of the State” and also “Unforgiven”.

Gene Hackman staying healthy at 90. He has several ebikes, and here he is getting another Trek for his family at the “Broken Spoke” shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


9. Jason Momoa played Khal Drogo, the Dothraki king in “Game of Thrones”. The eighth season was a disappointment, but Jasons workout routine never disappoints. Schwarzenegger and Momoa both like fun fat ebikes, even after pedal-only bicyclists keep claiming that only the weak use ebikes.

Jason Momoa on a Vallkree Cruiser


10. Prince Charles‘ only job is to wake up each morning and check the newspaper to see if his mom has died. He is shown below at a fundraiser for green causes. Sadly, the UK has a power limit of 250W…

Prince Charles on a 250W road bike.


11. Everybody loves Brad Garret, the extra-tall TV star and stand-up comedian.

Brad Garret getting his full-sized 48V fat-tire Pedego beach cruiser


12. Ryan Reynolds plays my favorite super hero, Deadpool…like Clark Kent, his disguise includes glasses.

Ryan Reynolds showing off his Stromer STS from Switzerland to a friend.


13. Miley Cyrus is a wildly successful singer/songwriter, but she is probably more famous for outrageous publicity antics.

Here’s Miley on a baby-blue Pedego beach cruiser. Someone should tell her to get some more air into her rear tire!


14. Richard Branson became famous when he started Virgin Records. He went on to start Virgin Airlines, and now that he’s a billionaire he’s funding Space Ship-1 to provide space-tourism to the wealthy, and also carry micro communications satellites.

Richard Branson in Tahiti with his Scott ebike, at one of his Virgin luxury resort hotels.


15. Nick Nolte is another actor who has been in too many films to list. Check him out with Eddie Murphy in “48 hrs”, and also as a treasure-hunting diver in “The Deep”, along with “Down and out in Beverly Hills”

Nick Nolte on a Trek


16. Darryl Hannah Became famous as the mermaid with Tom Hanks in “Splash”. She was an android in “Blade Runner” with Harrison Ford and also a one-eyed assassin in “Kill Bill, Vol 2” with Uma Thurman. She dated John F Kennedy Jr, and is currently married to singer/songwriter Neil Young.

In this picture, Darryl Hannah is riding an Izip at an environmental PR event, but the pic is cropped because the Currie corporation used this pic in their advertising without permission, so she sued (then settled out of court).


17 and 18, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

It may be hard to see, but trust me, this is Singer Katy Perry, and actor Orlando Bloom. They are both riding Specialized brand ebikes.


19. Justin Bieber

Justin bieber on an electric fatbike

Since ebikes are catching on with the rich and famous, stop by this article once every few months to see who’s been added…


20. Jennifer Lawrence

Mega-star actress Jen sometimes tries to cruise around incognito, but paparazzi caught her in Canada with an Ohm ebike, using a BionX rear hubmotor. Sadly, BionX is no longer in business, but their existing ebikes should last customers a very long time.

Jennifer Lawrence on an Ohm ebike


Written by Ron/spinningmagnets, August 2020

Grew up in Los Angeles California, US Navy submarine mechanic from 1977-81/SanDiego. Hydraulic mechanic in the 1980's/Los Angeles. Heavy equipment operator in the 1990's/traveled to various locations. Dump truck driver in the 2000's/SW Utah. Currently a water plant operator since 2010/NW Kansas


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