650 dollar lithium powered Ebay Bike

February 7, 2012

This is the cheapest lithium powered bike I have ever seen.

36V /20-aH is a decent amount of battery. Should be able to get a 20-mile range off of this pack if it is what they say.

The rear hub motor looks solid.

I dont see how you could get a lithium powered electric bike for cheaper. Frame is pretty ugly with its step thru…but hey its a complete electric bike for under 700 bucks with decent specs. If anyone buys one please post a review on our site.

Here is what the seller posted on the bike here:




Step thru, beach cruiser style
500 watt, brushless, gearless, hub motor.
Two, 36volt, 10ah, Li-Ion batteries wired in parallel to make a 36 volt, 20 ah battery   Includes Charger!
26″ double walled aluminum rims
stainless steel spokes
front and rear disc brakes
6 speed Shimano shifter and derailer
Suspension in front forks
Adjustable suspension in the seat post
Aluminum frame
Front and rear LED lights
Cruise control

The bike will go 20 mph without peddling. It is not considered a motorized vehicle unless it goes over 20 mph. So these can be used legally anywhere it is legal to ride a normal bicycle. The bike will run roughly 30 miles on a full charge. Many factors determine the actual milage (weight of rider, incline and grade, ect.). These bikes retail for over $2000. Get yours today!

Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.

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