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Eric Hicks was commuting every day in the challenging terrain of San Francisco on a high powered electric bike,  an electric bike that  changed his  life . He soon convinced many of his friends to buy electric bikes, so he would have people to ride with. Regular Sunday rides through beautiful San Francisco occurred, with large gangs of ebike riders. Many of these riders had frighteningly fast home built electric bikes, and before you knew it dramatic ebike races ensued.

hill climb race sf

Eric saw a real need to document the exciting movement he was a part of.  Electricbike.com was started by Eric in 2012.

He is part of a group of enthusiasts committed to movement via electric bike. He is a true believer that  electric bikes should and will become a viable form of transportation.

Eric knows first hand the potential in the available technology  for electric bikes, and sees a real need to write, review, and provide honest feedback to help people realize the true potential of  ultra light electric vehicles.

We’d like to welcome Ronald Roberts to the staff. Ron started here a few years ago when he volunteered to spell-check the site, and he had already established himself as a well-read enthusiast concerning every aspect of the E-bike world with his postings on the worlds largest E-bike chat forum, endless-sphere.com. You can find his postings or ask him questions under the user-name “spinningmagnets”.

“I am very pleased to be a part of the electricbike.com team. I was a submarine mechanic in the US Navy, and later worked on aircraft hydraulics for McDonnel Douglas. I currently live in Kansas and work at a municipal water treatment plant, and other than reading and writing about electric bicycles, I most enjoy helping with development projects to explore new E-bike products, to see what’s possible”.

Ron can be contacted at Ron at Electric bike.com

Ron, in the winter of 2013.

Ron, in the winter of 2013.

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