Audi Releases 2nd Video and more pics on its Super E-bike

May 17, 2012

May, 2012

Audi has released a new video and more pictures today highlighting the features of the Audi E-bike which we reported on in last weeks story (read here).

This video reveals more details about this E-bikes smart phone control system, and its a much more polished video than the one Audi leaked last week.

Once again the video features Julien Dupont, the French motocross trials rider.

In an interview, Julien said that he thought the Audi E-bike was very fast with tons of torque.

the Audi E-bike has a 2.2 thousand watt motor made by Clean Mobile built into the bottom bracket which cranks out 3 hp, and drives this featherweight 46 pound bike to speeds up to 50-MPH.  At its top-speed this E-bike will soak up the battery capacity, and it does not come with very much battery on board  in order to keep the Audi E-bike  lightweight and nimble. However, the battery can be easily removed and swapped with a charged one (carried in a backpack)  or it can be charged in a normal outlet in 2.5 hours.

In the video we can see that the Apple app control system uses different modes to do controlled wheelies etc. It also has a lock feature which is interesting. Although…we are not sure how many people would want to trust an Apple device to protect a $20,000 E-bike from thieves.

Below the video you will see photos from Audi’s Design Studio.



the tail light is built ingeniously into the rear seat




Wolfgang Egger seems to love his creation


The front headlights are built into the front handlebars…slick detail


The E-bike has some kind of wheelie mode to help you to learn to wheelie without flipping over


Wolfgang Egger looking over drawings of the Audi E-bike


The very expensive and elegant carbon fiber wheels and rims


Wolfgang Egger looking over sketches


More Audi E-bike sketches


Oversized bottom-bracket to hold the Clean Mobile drive system




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