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Audi Releases 2nd Video and more pics on its Super E-bike

May 17, 2012

May, 2012

Audi has released a new video and more pictures today highlighting the features of the Audi E-bike which we reported on in last weeks story (read here).

This video reveals more details about this E-bikes smart phone control system, and its a much more polished video than the one Audi leaked last week.

Once again the video features Julien Dupont, the French motocross trials rider.

In an interview, Julien said that he thought the Audi E-bike was very fast with tons of torque.

the Audi E-bike has a 2.2 thousand watt motor made by Clean Mobile built into the bottom bracket which cranks out 3 hp, and drives this featherweight 46 pound bike to speeds up to 50-MPH.  At its top-speed this E-bike will soak up the battery capacity, and it does not come with very much battery on board  in order to keep the Audi E-bike  lightweight and nimble. However, the battery can be easily removed and swapped with a charged one (carried in a backpack)  or it can be charged in a normal outlet in 2.5 hours.

In the video we can see that the Apple app control system uses different modes to do controlled wheelies etc. It also has a lock feature which is interesting. Although…we are not sure how many people would want to trust an Apple device to protect a $20,000 E-bike from thieves.

Below the video you will see photos from Audi’s Design Studio.



the tail light is built ingeniously into the rear seat




Wolfgang Egger seems to love his creation


The front headlights are built into the front handlebars…slick detail


The E-bike has some kind of wheelie mode to help you to learn to wheelie without flipping over


Wolfgang Egger looking over drawings of the Audi E-bike


The very expensive and elegant carbon fiber wheels and rims


Wolfgang Egger looking over sketches


More Audi E-bike sketches


Oversized bottom-bracket to hold the Clean Mobile drive system




Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


  1. this is a awesome

  2. HI, this is very awesome E-bike but to my guess its once again for the rich people you can afford and day by day the fuel price going up and the common people can’t effort IT ..why don’t introduce it as economy e-bike to the world as gift to the mother Earth. 

    • chan i see your point.

      I really hope Audi offers this bike for a low price to change the world…but it will probably be expensive.

      Just wait…there will be a very good bike that will come out soon that wont be made from carbon fiber, and wont be made in Germany, and will be reaonable prices. Just there is no good choice right now..but it will come soon dont worry.

      • Let US Be the change we want to see in the world! 🙂

    • I also think the bike is awesome. As a matter fact the cars made by Audi are more popular, I didn’t know that they produce bikes before I visited this webside. I also didn’t know the bikes can cost $20000. The most expensive one I could find when I was looking after e-bikes costed only 80000 Swedish crowns and this is much less than $20000. You might buy a TWIKE for $20000, the cheapest I could find informations about costed $17800. Sometimes I’ve been told that you can’t buy a thing that’s too cheap, it’s better to buy something expensive and good than buying something cheap and bad. E-bikes cost normally at least 10000 crowns in Sweden. But in a shop about 30-35 kilometres from Borås in Sweden I found a bike that they sold for less money. This bike costed 12000 crowns in Helsingborg in Sweden but I didn’t buy my bike there. I live near to Borås and 30 kilometres from where I live there was the shop with these bikes. They sold every bike for 5000 crowns and this low price was what I wanted to buy this bike for. In January 2012 I was lucky to get it, that was nearly the last bike they sold. They started selling those bikes in December 2011 and could sell all in one month. When I heard about this bike I was doubtful because all bikes I was looking after for 5000 crowns had lead batteries and I wanted to get a good battery. The clerk told me that the bike has got a lithium battery and I stopped hesitating so I bought that bike.

  3. Would love to try this but sadly I didn’t win the lottery this week. But there is always next week.

  4. I want one where do i sign up?

  5. Plz plz plz plz plz put this bike into production I really really want 1!!! Come on I know u guys can do it! Ur the best car manufacturer in the world and would love nothing more for u to dominate the push bike scene! Can’t wait to see what u have lined up with Ducati too 🙂

  6. Awesome bike, but it’s not that easy to say that the bike is a moped or a motorbike. The bike’s motor effect is 2200 watts and up to 4000 watts they’re mopeds, but maybe it should either be classed as a motorbike because of its high top speed (80 km/h). There are two moped classes in Europe, class 1 is what we call EU-moped. This one is allowed to drive up to 45 km/h and forbidden to drive on bicycle ways. The motor effect is allowed to be up to 4 kW. The mopeds of class 2 are allowed to get a motor effect that doesn’t exceed 1 kW (or 740 watts if the moped is old, produced before the 17 june 2003) and the moped drivers are not allowed to drive faster than 25 km/h (or 30 with an old moped), however these are allowed to drive on bicycle ways. This bike could be an EU-moped or a motorbike. The EU-mopeds are produced to go up to 45 km/h but people often trim them and the record top speed of a trimmed moped is 80 km/h. I think this electric bike should be classed as a motorbike because of its high top speed, everything going over 45 km/h should be classed as motorbikes.

  7. When is the date of release and the price in India ?

  8. This is a kind of too much costly whereas only people with good money can buy it. Its just an innovation not an invention as just a wortless on price.

  9. Who would trust..an iPhone. 2 protect a $20K..Ebicycle!

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