Audi Electric Bike Revealed

Check out the Luna Cycle Apex which was released in October of 2018 and is a bike  very similar  in design to the Audi Ebike and is for sale now. 

This ebike made #1 of our top 10 ebikes of the future list.

And is #4 on our 10 fastest production Ebikes list.

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Audi is making some other fast moves in the 2-wheel motor-sport category with the announcement last month of their purchase of Italian motorcycle-maker Ducati for $1.2 billion in a rare move for an auto manufacturer. Ducati’s dealership network may well provide Audi with an instant world-wide distribution channel for upscale high-performance E-bikes.

And separately, VW, also owned by Audi, has been working on something they call “last mile transportation,” which focuses on the use of short-distance urban transportation.

Audi’s concept E-bike is what you would expect when some of Europe’s most skilled auto engineers and modernist designers get together, and decide they are going to create a flagship E-bike with no expense spared.



The Audi E-bike is based on custom carbon fiber wheels and a full-suspension carbon fiber frame; even the front suspension forks are custom designed for this bike. The rims look very similar in design to those on the $80K Blacktrail, leading to speculation by some in the E-bike community that this bike was partially designed by PG Bikes, the company behind the Blacktrail.  Certainly at least the Audi ebike designers had the obscenely-priced Blacktrail in mind when they designed their bike.

The Audi E-bike also uses the same “Harmonic Drive System” as the Blacktrail, a highly regarded German design developed by Clean Mobile. Clean Mobile builds custom bottom-bracket drive systems for exclusive high end bikes made by innovative European companies such as KTM (see Egnition article here). Ironically Clean Mobile also went through an ownership change recently, first filing insolvency, and then being acquired by TQ-Systems GmbH, and switching most of its staff just last month.


PG BIkes $80k Blacktrail… similar features to the Audi?


The key element to the Audi drive system designed by Clean Mobile, is that it keeps the motor weight in the center of the frame (unlike most hub powered bikes, which have their heavier motor-weight awkwardly placed in rear wheel). Most importantly, this allows the power to be driven through the bicycles gear system. This means that the motor is allowed to operate in its maximum efficiency zone, because as we know, electric motors like to spin quickly at a high-rpm. Most expensive ebikes like this choose an In the Gear hub transmission like the German made 14 speed Rohloff (see our article on the Rohloff here).

We are very surprised that  Audi opted to go with a standard derailleur system given the other flashes of bicycle technology in this bike, such as the $800 Brakeforce One carbon fiber hydraulic brakes. We suspect that going with a derailleur instead of a Rohloff was a compromise Audi had to make to accommodate the carbon rims which have attached carbon spokes, and may have been a design blunder that will be corrected if and when the bike goes into production. Carbon rims with built in spokes make no sense on an ebike other than aesthetics, and add considerably to the cost.  To give you an idea the Blacktrail bike which uses an identical carbon wheel set, sells a replacement set of wheels and rims for a staggering $5,000.



The Audi E-bike is designed with a very light weight, high power, and nimbleness in mind. No doubt this is for BMX-type stunts such as those seen in the video, so the Audi does not carry a heavy and cumbersome battery pack. Instead, it features a small, featherweight, quick-change pack, enabling the rider to choose between riding “naked” for short distances…or hauling an extra battery pack in a backpack for longer rides.

The bike appears well-balanced, with most of the serious weight (battery and motor) situated very low and centered in the frame.  Best of all, it tilts the scales at a scant 46 pounds–unheard of to date for a full suspension E-bike.


The elegant carbon fiber frame


Other interesting design details include a motorcycle-like seat which can retract during riding to transform the E-bike into a trials-type bike for jumping and stunt-riding. A built-in brake/tail light in the back of the seat is a brilliant futuristic touch. The Audi E-bike also has LED lights built into the front of the handlebar, which you can clearly see in the below video. Smart details like these make this E-bike a showcase of sleek, integrated, forward-looking design.

Other goodies include a built-in Android smartphone app that serves as an electronic control system for the bike, not just monitoring battery and speed but a host of other useful functions, including the ability to toggle through five cycling modes: Pure, Pedelec, eGrip, Power Wheelie, and Balanced Wheelie. The bike also utilizes a torque sensor, which measures how much the rider is pedaling and can add power accordingly.  Another sweet feature of this control system is a lock feature, which locks the rear wheel and sets off an alarm if someone tries to grab and dash your $2ok bike.  All in all this is one of the most impressive efforts we have seen software-wise in an E-bike. In this picture you can see where an Android phone is attached to frame:



Here are some brand new images of the Audi Ebike taken at the Wörthersee VW show this last weekend in Europe posted courtesy of

Audi Electric Bike

Check out the following videos to see what the 2300-Watt Audi E-bike is capable of. The rider is the world renowned French trials rider Julien Dupont:



Unfortunately for now, the Audi E-bike is just a concept prototype, and no announcements have been made about Audi’s plans to bring it to market. Our guess is that with the kind of significant R&D effort already made, you will see this E-bike for sale in the next few years.

But don’t expect it to come cheap–the words carbon fiber and German made do not equal cheap. Just the brakes on this bike (Brakeforce Ones)  are German and carbon fiber and cost $800. Industry analysts predict that the bike will cost in the neighborhood of $20,000.

To see a list of the 10 most expensive ebikes available now read our story here.

UPDATE:  Audi just released a new video about this bike..story is here.



Written by Eric, May 2012




Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


  1. hi iam vijay from india ,i like to purchase that new audi e bike , send me the price & specifications of the cycle ..tanq

    • Vijay,

      The bike only exists in prototype as of now. It may be a year before you see this bike in production.

      • kiran D .

        This is challenge for young generation & save money and also get more fun .

        I am lovin it


  2. $20K? WiFi and an iphone built in, but no seat. Pass.

  3. when can this ebike come out… i need one. i love bike racing..

  4. sir i want to purchase this … i live in india ( kanpur )

    • this bike is not available to the public yet

  5. The price isn’t aimed for the masses and considering it’s something revolutionary and unique, thats not been done ever before the price actually isn’t that bad, when you compare with other professional mountain or road bikes
    top line Bianchi or some pro mountain bikes can cost up to 9.000 – 10.000€ – so another 10k for something like this is absolutely justified. I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was going for 30k

    • Absolutely.  I agree.

    • Unique is ridiculous. Electric bicycles have been around just as long as gasoline powered combustion engine.

      • Then why didn’t anyone come up with something like this before? There’s a difference between inventing something or taking something that exists and making it better. It is not a crowd selling item we are talking about here. It would be like saying that top of the line racing bikes are too expensive for everyone to have. That is empty of sense..

        The equipment on this prototype, and the fact that all the parts are not mass produced make it very expensive. It doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

        • You only just noticed because it’s AUDI… Look at RAZOR and others like Volkswagon, Mercedes, BMW and a shit load of others in the the prior decades. Google it!

    • It’s been done many and plenty of times even before your were born. In current day and time, just ask RAZOR who does it every day lol

  6. Hey ..
    That is a bike or cycle..
    Very nice looks and great feature…

  7. i want to know the date of release of e-bike in india along with the price

  8. please tell me releasing date. and price and were in india

  9. Nice invention, I am from Bangladesh, here people are really crazy about riding bike

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    • This bike may cost over $13000.

  13. even i m interested to buy such e bike , pls tell me when available in mumbai

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  15. HI guys. 

    Let me know if you have any questions and i will answer the best i can.  For earlier questions Audi has not said if and when they are going to produce this bike, or how much it will cost. There is even  a chance that this bike never makes it to market.  It exists in prototype only right now.

    • I hope this bike will make it to the market for a lower price than $13000. This is a nice bike that is worth making it to the market for a price that is as low as possible. The bike’s effect doesn’t exceed 4 kW so it could be a moped, but it reaches a top speed of 80 km/h and that’s why the bike should be a motorbike according the law. You could buy a car for $13000 or less than that but this is a new motorbike and motorbikes such as the Zero Motorcycles cost even $16000. But as I told my parents I would never buy a gasoline powered car because they’re not environmental friendly and they’re immoderately expensive to use. This bike could be more comfortable to use than a gasoline powered vehicle because the batteries are so light that you can get two batteries, one will get discharged while driving this bike, the second one in the back pack. When the first battery gets discharged you can change the batteries and this takes less time than refueling a gasoline powered vehicle.

    • I would be interested in knowing what the price is and when it might be available for retail or online purchase-it still looks really exciting bike to have…there are a few guys like me (think executive urban warrior mentality’ who think owing a car is NOT practical in the city and when presented with neat piece of kit like this is a breath of fresh air- rain or shine!

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  18. is it a option for petrol…………………to middle class people.

    • no definitely not an option…but you can find a more affordable electric bike. Look for reviews on this site.

  19. wat would be the cost

    • no one knows right now…my guess is no less than $13.000 USD and i would say more like $20,000

  20. please tell me the price of audi e bike bicycle in india

  21. 10 lac……………..

  22. is it an electronic bike or just another gear cycle ?????????

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  24. even $13,000, it’s not affordable for middleclass people.

    • I would, or my parents would buy it for me.

  25. spoko. Jutro kupuje. 🙂

  26. electric bikes like this top out on speed at like 15mph-20mph and have a limited range of 25-40 miles usually…of flat land…hills another story…its a waste of $$ cuz i can easily get any of my bikes up to that speed, and no battery req’d and no mileage limit!

    • this one goes to 50 mph…

      • maybe they will put an “easy to remove” governer on it

    • How would you get your bikes to be that good? You wrote “Electric bikes like this top out on speed at like 15mph-20mph and have a limited range of 25-40 miles usually…of flat land…hills another story…it’s a waste of money cause I can easily get any of my bikes up to that speed, and no battery requiered and no mileage limit!”, you must have got a cable that has got a length of many kilometres to do so. Just like the electric trains that haven’t got any range limit because they have got a cable over themselves. Where would you get your electric energy from? Batteries or generators are needed, there’s a range limit as always and I don’t think that buying an e-bike is a waste of money, my e-bike costed 5000 Swedish crowns while many other cost over 10000 so I saved some money when I bought that e-bike because otherwise I would need to spend 10000 crowns or more.

      • You really need to start thinking outside of the box. At least sometimes.
        Perhaps you don’t like pushing pedals but getting bike to 20 mph by doing so is not hard for many people including myself.

  27. just kill the bike young star i love it

  28. this is one of the bikes that is just for the rich. there ar plenty fo rich that will buy and make it profitable.
    look at lexus, all the morons that pay for a toyota with a lexus logo.

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  32. 13k, audi is out of there mind. I can ride my bike at 30 mph. thanks, but i will save the money. Or if I really wanted it to be powered in some way, i could take motor off of a leafblower, and put that on there. a motor off a real good one, will get you 40 mph and 100-150 on a tiny, and you don’t have to tag them in most places.

  33. they are taking the pi$$. nice design but so what, everything we buy is designed- this could be knocked up by any decent industrial design intern for peanuts. and the materials and components used are small in size and not that complex, so hardly justifying the heady price tag. that this could easily be mass produced for under £3000 (still excessive) should be obvious as can get a small car for around double that. any car uses FAR more materials and individual parts so the mark up on this is ridiculous. obviously audi isnt serious. it is not going to have a vested interest in stopping people buying their cars. well, not for a significant alternative monetary return anyway.

    hopefully a proper bike manufacturer will come up with their own sexy mass produced cycle (MOUNTAIN BIKE PLEASE, NOT A WEIRD, GAY, RETRO OR GERIATRIC SHOPPING BIKE), design at a practical price point and steal the thunder from this car companies cynical greenwashing PR attempt. ie building a flashy bike to get maximum publicity for being a green company, without there being any chance of taking a loss from it.

    at the same time, maybe governments could remove the pathetic speed limit on electric bikes. nobody is going to spend £3000 on a bike limited to just 15 mph. it needs to be around 30 mph, realistically.

    • I agree anybody.

      No rack or side bags. No fenders so when it rains you get a skunk stripe down your pants. Basic structure, ho hum. Carbon fiber is good, lets expose it and make sure you know we are high-tech!. And I agree with the price point.

      A toy for the overly endowed with money and under endowed with good sense.

    • you have to remember there isnt much of a market for this yet as it is a new thing coming out to market now. and all of the components of this bike are quite expensive.

      • The majority of the components as shown in the videos are cheap and already on the market for past decade! Lets call it as it is and not exaggerate please. What it will boil down to is a price tag targeting a specific genre of people. Ducati which is owned by Audi are selling top notch motorcycles with same features for $20k and below.

    • Mate … research into building your own with this kind of power and you begin to realise why these things cost so much ….. My planned setup halted once I see the lowest possible price for the batteries is over £1200 alone , then over £1000 for the high power hub motor kit + hub lacing its almost 3 grand before the custom carbon fiber frame and wheels! … This is not a realistic choice for anyone who is not a rock star …. normal people will buy a car instead =(

    • I’m sorry but what kind of full suspension bike do you own? Mtb with production parts go for over $10 000 dollars these days. Everything on this bike is custom. Hell the R and D to make your own proprietary Fork is ridiculous. Cars are not made out of carbon fibre and have technology that is over 50 years old. The ones that are made of carbon fibre and have any really new tech cost close to 1 million dollars. This is the e bike equivalent of a Mclaren or Bugatti. If you drive a camry then get a walmart bike with a $400 ebike kit if you drive an Audi R8 then get this.

    • Right! i actually feel safer on my 30mph kit than my dads 15mph kit because there is no traffic up my arse .. because i can relatively keep up with it

  34. google for m55 e-bike. hope u guys like it. its on the road dy.

  35. Come on $13.000, its okay for a bike like that!, save up and buy. All people can afford that. My regular MTB cost $10.000, so if i can buy a bike like that for $13.000, im in 🙂 rock on!

    • “Come on $13.000, its okay for a bike like that!, save up and buy. All people can afford that”

      Are you on some drugs or something? All people can afford that. You live in some skies or something that’s way too much if you just a look how much people have nothing to eat wtf are you talking that all can afford it you little rat!

    • LOL Could I afford a $10,000 bicycle yes…but I prefer to spend $10,000 on something with a real motor that actually had tooling cost.

      • Me too actually but I would buy something more expensive than that and also an electric vehicle, not a gasoline powered vehicle. Reva electric cars are costing $10000, the Twikes cost at least $18000 but they’re electric cars, they’re quite cheap compared to any other electric car or a gasoline powered luxury car. They’re more expensive than Reva electric cars but they’re also better. The batteries long for a long range, 200-300 kilometres and the charging time is 1 hour in Europe where the charging voltage is 220 or 230 volts in the EU-member countries. Electric bikes cost usually 10000 Swedish crowns or more in Sweden but I found a bike for 5000 crowns so I bought it. That was one of the last e-bikes in the shop that I found. When I was interested of electric bikes in the first time and I was looking after them in Polish websites, there I found bikes as cheap as 2000-2500 zlotys but they had lead batteries longing for 30 kilometres maximally, not lithium batteries. That’s why I wasn’t sure about buying the electric bike I got now because of its low price, I wasn’t sure about which battery it has got so I talked to the clerk and he told me there is a lithium battery so I bought the bike. 5000 crowns for a bike with a lithium battery, it’s quite cheap especially when the bike longs for a long time.

    • all people can afford that? seriously? are you unaware of the poverty and debt in the US alone? forget 13 grand. i’d rather buy a car.

    • Only reach people can afford that and buy themselves that kind of e-bikes if they are rich enough and if they want. $13000 is what you can buy a car for, up to $20000 is what you can buy an electric motorbike for, a fast electric motorbike with a top speed at 150 or more kilometres per hour, like Zero Motorcycles.

  36. Its not speed you pay for, its gear. This is “The Bike of bikes”

  37. what’s the price in india
    when it is going to launch

  38. i am the upper class and gaurav is lower class

  39. 7 lakh Rs. in indian Rs.

  40. v ebalo dam suki puzatie mudaki i love you @zhozhoua

  41. no more than $4,000.00 im willing to pay. otherwise i rather buy me a ninja sport motorcycle for $12 grand. plus the aerodynamics dont match if you going to run at 40 mph yo need to be position head down to make that run or that dude is way too tall for the bike.

  42. I think Audi would have known that a single-pivot suspension design in the rear is pretty stale. Most modern bike designers are using a four-bar (e.g., Specialized’s Horst link/FSR, Santa Cruz’s VPP, Pivot’s dw-link, etc.) design to reduce chain growth, increase pedaling efficiency and stop braking jacking. Carbon wheels aren’t that big of a deal either, as most high-end mountain bikes geared towards racing have carbon rims and spokes, as well as frames, cranks, etc.

  43. Stealth bikes are better and cheaper .

    • but the weight

  44. The sweetest bike I ever seen but I hope thats a joke about costing about $20,000. I not only could buy a decent car for that price but super motorbikes such as R6 etc., cost cheaper than that. Any more than $7000 would be a complete pi** take.

    • With $20k you buy two R6’s, not one!

  45. At least they had the good sense to put those Audi lights on board; good call.

  46. gee, looks like more green energy porn … will never make it to market without bribes/subsidies … looks to me like someone in engineering wanted to play with some carbon fiber …

  47. How much is the audi e-bike

  48. Beautiful E-Bike. I could never afford one. I converted my Specialized MTN Bike with an AmpedBikes Conversion kit. I upgraded the battery to 48V. Plenty of power and 30 MPH.

    I have had my bike for five years and although I would love this bike but my bike and I are close buddies. I commute 30 miles each way and it cost me about 2 hours to put together and now I show up to work sweat free. I have no need to change at work and still get exercise. On the weekends I ride off road with it and it performs like a light weight motorcycle with 1/8 the power lol..

    Jabbar K

  49. All i can do is….LAUGH!

  50. if it would be limited to 30 mph i would pay 1000,1500 but not more…it’s just a bike

  51. Please make it a little cheaper, who the hell would buy a bike that cost $20,000?

    • I would rather buy an electric bike for that price than a gasoline powered car. But there’s a point with making it cheaper too. The cheaper a bike gets the more people would like to buy the bike. And you can also buy a Twike for $20000 instead of a bike like that. Electric cars like Twikes are quite cheap compared to any electric automobile. But they’re not the cheapest electric cars, the cheapest electric cars cost $10000 and they’re called Reva electric cars. But the Twikes are a bit more environmental friendly than Reva electric cars. The Reva electric cars have neither got a long range, only 80 kilometres, the Twikes should already have got a range of 200-300 kilometres. The top speed of a Reva electric car is 60 km/h, the Twikes have got a top speed of 85-90 km/h. I wouldn’t say that 60 km/h is enough as a top speed but 90 km/h is enough for travelling through motorways. The cars make very bad pollutions and people are paying immoderately a lot of money for that, this is stupid. It’s better to buy an expensive electric vehicle and get a vehicle that is cheap to use than buying a cheap gasoline vehicle that gets expensive to use.

  52. What is a prize, and can I buy it in Croatia?

    • This bike is just a prototype so far. It may cost $13000, maybe not more than $20000. If I would choose what to buy between an Audi and a Hanebrink Hustler, each bike for $20000, I would choose the Hanebrink Hustler because it’s faster than the Audi. The Audi’s top speed is 80 km/h, the Hustler’s top speed is 130 km/h. But there’s an interesting car produced in Germany too, it’s called Twike. The Twike is also sportive just like these e-bikes with the pedals, it may be cheaper. The cheapest car should cost $18000 and I think it’s quite cheap compared to the other electric cars or some gasoline powered luxury cars. The most expensive Twikes may cost over $30000. But if I would get three choices, the Audi, the Hanebrink Hustler or the Twike for the same price, I would either buy a Twike because you can get more for the money if you buy a car instead of a motorbike.

  53. Where I can buy this one?

  54. If somebody tells me the price, I would love to have one………….

  55. It’s a nice bike but the price is a joke, I just bought the new 2013 Audi A5 for $43K, how does a bicycle from the same brand cost $20K?

    P.S. Audi bought Ducati, for $20K you can get a Ducati Panigale

  56. I want to buy it for 150 euro .Im from Montenegro.Street Mehmet gjyli 47 .For 2 days this send BIKE me on my home

  57. I want to buy this bike and for 2 days send it to my home .Street MEHMET GJYLI 47..For 150 euro

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    IM from MONTENEGRO .Street Mehmet Gjyli 47 . For 2 days please .

  59. This bike would be disassembled faster than you can count to 10 in my neighborhood, I will stick to my old two legs for transportation for now.. On the ladder, my kids will have huge legs from all the pedaling I’m doing now!!!

  60. this is pretty stupid, just fo it ‘s price…


  62. my favorite e-cycle

  63. Too EXPENSIVE.. Believe me is not that worth.. I keep to the old style.. A bike is bike. Fuck all the new expensive crap..

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  65. i would like to purchase this bike but i dont have any idea where to buy and how much it’s cost i am living in Dhaka, Bangladesh so plz help me and guide me to about this product audi ebicycle, my E-mail id is

    thanking yours.

  66. The e bike is a good company bike which has the speed of 80/kmph it is an electric bike which has a awesome colour and it also very costly and there is also a auto lock. It is also a good cycle for stunts and it has a light which has a long battery.

  67. Audi didn’t buy Ducati nor does it own Volkswagen. All 3 belong to the same holding, Volkswagen Group.

  68. i like this bike !!!!!but 30000$ is v costly…..i can buy 3 electric car instead of this…….1000-2000$ is reasonable !!!!

  69. Yes it’s not the cheapest bike in the world(quite over priced). And yes, you could by a small car for the same price. But… look at how much fun the audi e-bike will be to ride and how many heads it will turn.
    Lots of people have ford fiesta’s and vauxhall astra’s but how many peopole have an audi e-bike? And can you lock your car with a smart phone? 🙂

  70. What is price Of Audi e bike in India?

  71. Can you just sit and ride it?

  72. is it launched in Nepal???what is its cost???

  73. This is a showbike. It is designed to attract attention and bring people into e-bikes. It’s showcasing some innovation but it is, like a supercar, used to generate image and attention to Audi as a potential leader in the field.

    The homebrew, jenky looking stuff is not going to bring e-bikes into the mainstream. I applaud the innovation and garage-mechanics, that’s how a lot of new ideas come. But, a heavy, old bike with wires zip-tied all over it is not going to appeal to the mainstream. Sorry.

    I’m sure this prototype costs hit six figures. What this Audi costs is totally missing the point. An Audi R8 costs $90,000. But an Audi A3 costs $29,000 and a VW Jetta costs $18,000.

    The simple fact that Audi is paying attention to this area is important. The fact e-bikes are gaining traction in the culture is important. The cost of a halo, show product is unimportant.

    Look at the big picture, not if it has panniers or not.

  74. Would it be possible to get one of the pro shops to make an Electric Bike with that wheelie function? I guess there are sensors connected to the throttle that makes sure yo find the optimum balance point or something?

    Has anyone ever made such wheelie function available on production bikes, or custom made electric bikes? I would love to get such a bike. But who to call to place an order?

  75. 20,000 dollars, So Only Members of Congress and Other Elite Groups will benefit, while the rest of us spend 4 dollars per gallon on gasoline. Big Deal.
    Seems Like another wasted effort by Humanity.

  76. audi e-bike for me.and how much is that price?

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  86. Just another concept bike that will never make it to production. Lame.

  87. you can have it now for about $1500 retail from longyeah bike manufacturing. tho they only sell by the container, someone will be retailing them under some brand.

    up to 48v 450w custom bottom bracket mid drive alloy MTB 24 gears 22kg – ~50lbs

    beautiful – i have a 350 watt 36v 12ah panasonic – a$1500

  88. 46lbs??? HOW do you make a totally CF bike so heavy??? My current spec FS Haibikes weighs 47lbs……………

    • This is not totally CF, it is just reinforced with CF. “The frame and the swinging arm that holds the back wheel are made of carbon fibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP).” as per official video.

  89. Hiii I want to buy this e bike whan we get

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    • My name is Jeff and am 21 and i want this bike

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    message kijyaga
    kuch to share kijye ga
    hum din rat audi karte hai
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    • do you have $20.000, if yes let me know.

      • yes

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    • Hi,

      I can supply you this type of bike

  97. I wish there was an affordable electric bike I am unable to buy a car and let alone a decent e-bike just wishing….

    • I have an affordable electric bike price is 2450aed

  98. 200000 USD for a bike?!?!.. You can keep your bike and I will by a car for that money, thank you very much 😀

    • 20000 USD still to much

    • same

    • And one without a line of dents from some nitwit riding that bike over the top??? 😉

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    I m a citizen of Pakistan

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  101. vw owns the audi, not the other way around

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    Can u provide me this electric bicycle in india?

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