Back in San Francisco

April 7, 2012

I came back to SF in the last week and am happy to be home. I brought 2 of my electric bikes back home in the van with me.

I was gone for 6 months…actually bought this domain and made this site in the time while I was visiting LA playing poker. Wanted to do something positive with my time other than sit around and play poker all night, and sleep all day. It turns out I got so obsessed with this site that I have not played as much poker as before. I guess that was the point, but its like trading one addiction for the other. Also I made money playing poker…and all I seem to do with electric bikes is spend money.

The day before I left LA I was happy to meet David of Phasor cycles and do a nice e-bike ride with him in the hills of palos verdes. See the story on the Phasor for pictures.

LA is a terrible place to e-bike ride, but Palos Verdes, on the outskirts of LA was a definite exception.  You can e-bike  pleasure ride, but its not transportation replacement that an e-bike is here in sf.  LA is for cars, SF is for bikes.

Since being back in SF, I have ridden an e-bike almost every day. It has been wonderful.

Today I test rode a $6000 picycle around the hills of Marin on a 15 mile ride while visiting the Pi Cycles factory (story coming soon) , and came home and took the dog on a 10 mile  ride down the beach. I feel kind of bad, because tonight as I work on the site, my dog is limping. In LA she didnt get to run that much, now back in SF and doing a sand bike ride that we have done a hundred times, she over exerted herself. I on the other hand, sipping a beer feel fine. But feel bad for my dog. 🙂

I built my sand bike as a solution on how I could get my dog to the dog beach without driving. It use to be the only time I would use the car is when taking the dog to the dog beach. Now to go to the dog beach, I weirdly research SF bay currents, and when it is low tide, me and the dog go. Its about 5 miles to the dog beach…she gets there plays with the other dogs for about an hour, then we ride/run the 5 miles back to my house. By the way you can see the beach from my window so getting from beach to house is no problem. Once home I hose off the bike of salt and sea water, put the dog in her cage until she dries so sand falls off of her, and then I plug the bike into the charger. This has been kind of a daily routine since getting my sand e-bike. Imagine I did not ride my sand bike at all the 6 months I was in LA.  Anyway I am super happy to be home, but unfortunately gotta go back to LA soon.  For every day I am here I am determined to take an e-bike ride.

Tomorrow I am going on an e-bike ride with a friend from Sacramento who has the fastest full suspension e-bike I have ever ridden. That reminds me I have to find my motorcycle helmet. This bike wheelies at 20mph and has a top speed of 65mph. We are working on building a sand version of that bike. Fun times.

You know I am glad I hashed this out just now, because I realize that my dog and e-bike would make a good story. I am going to write a story about my e-bike and dog…adding it to my list of must write stories….

Is anybody reading this?

So much stuff to write for this site…if anyone feels like helping please contact me. Oh and I need an editor bad.



Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


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