Bafang BBSHD 1000W Mini Review

November 29, 2015

Editor note: Here is a nice little review one of the first BBSHD customers wrote on the new Bafang BBSHD which is on Cyber Monday sale at 

This was first posted on by user “Dogboy1200”

So I just installed my new BBSHD in place of my BBS02. It went into my 68mm BB bike, the 02 was standard and the HD was for a 68mm BB. The HD seems better in every way. It’s a lot bigger, the cranks are centered on the frame (02 was 1/2 in to the right) and the gear cover is metal with a nice seal (02 was crap in this respect). Also, the chain line is better.




With the stock 46T sprocket, chain was straight in 5th gear of my 9 spd (42T Luna Bling Ring was ordered with the kit but they aren’t quite done yet and the 02 Lekkie doesn’t fit). The install of this kit is super simple, anyone can do it. It’s plug and play but if you want to change settings on the controller the same cable and software that worked to change settings on the 02 works with the HD. It came from Luna set for throttle in PAS 0 they way I like but they had Max amps at 25 (this was just an over sight, all HD’s from Luna come set to 30A) . I tried it like that then bumped it up to 30A (controller won’t accept any higher number) .

I also tried setting throttle mode to speed and to lie about the wheel size. It does have a little more power but throttle isn’t smooth enough for balance point wheelies so I put it back. Just got back from my first real ride and loved it! Only a little more power, as you would expect for a 5 amp increase, but I could ride this thing differently from the 02. I always ride in PAS 0 for throttle only and only ride on single track trials. After reading about the controller problems of the 02 (mine did not have the newer 3077 FETS) I would shift a lot to make sure I always had a fast cadence. With the HD I shifted much less and could stay in a gear from a slow cadence till I couldn’t pedal fast enough and it was still pulling.

I think less shifting is going help the drive train last. Now, where I ride it doesn’t have any real long hills and today was about 50F but no matter what I did the motor and controller were not even warm! The chain did fall off twice when not under power and going over a bunch of small roots, I hope the narrow wide Bling Ring fixes that. Also, this thing can clearly take more power, I really want to give it 10 more Amps! It would be nice to do it without an external controller. I know someone will unlock this thing soon!




Written by Eric, November 2015

Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


  1. i just don’t understand why they didn’t figure out a method for putting a torque sensor in this instead of building a bottom brack bosch knockoff ( max drive) if they found a way to package this with a thrun power bracket or just some sort of solution———–then pretty much everyone would be using it. everyone.

    • Hi Zeev,

      What exactly does a torque sensor do? I’m still learning.

      Thanx Tim….

      • Current sensor: Determines how much the motor will help you based on the SPEED you pedal (amount of rpms). High pedal speed = much help, which is backwards thinking, borderline retarded.
        Torque sensor: Determines how much the motor will help you based on how HARD you pedal (amount of torque). High pedal torque = much help (uphill or high gear). Better but much MUCH more expensive.

  2. Very good article, i have some small questions for you guys, sorry for the english, i’m not a native speaker. In the 4th picture (the one that shows the minor damage to the botton bracket surface). 1 – This small damage happens only in bbshd or in the bbs02 installation too? 2 – Its is possible to avoid that minor damage somehow? maybe using some thick rubber to “spread the force” against the metal?. I’m asking because i have an expensive bike frame and i don’t want to lose the warranty. (according to the bike manual, this minor damage i’ts sufficient to void the warranty.) i”m waiting for an answer, thank you in advance.

  3. Got a question for you extremists: How well does this BBSHD product perform in wet weather i.e. Heavy rain? I’m talking about the electrical parts like buttons, throttle control, LCD, switches, connections etc. I understand that it has an IP46 rating on the motor. But will the switches short out and send you sailing under extreme wet weather conditions? I live in Florida and we get a lot of rain here. Anyone have any any experience with this? I’m mainly concerned about safety and reliability.

  4. Eric: Great looking bike! Similar to my Santa Cruz Bullit downhill bike. I have completed the BBSHD installation on my bullit except for one yellow tipped wire that exits from the bottom of the motor. What is this wire and where does it connect? The other three wires connect OK: Motor to battery, motor to speed sensor, and motor to display & throttle

  5. Does that motor draw power from the universe? wheres the battery? ?

  6. Hi Mate, where did you install the battery?

  7. The charger for 750W, it’s the same the charger of 300W

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