BBSHD DIY Build Report: Motobecane

Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


  1. Hi Eric, I read other articles you authored and I’m pretty sure one of them was a review of the Sondors Fat Bike. How much different is this build from the Sondors Fat bike?

    I’m interested in putting an electric hub on the front of the bike I ride year round in Chicago. I’d love to ride in the snow but it’s not possible without front wheel drive pulling and my self-powering the rear.. Then I remind myself, this is way out of my skill set. Is it feasible to install an electric front hub to my existing bike and I power the back end?

    Maybe I’d be better off putting $50 down on the Sondors Fat Bike and look for help to install an electric front hub for the 2 wheel drive I want. What happens if the electric motor and battery get wet or even submerged in fresh water… what then? Submerged would be secured to my packraft and get turned over, not worried about losing it, just it being submerged.


    • Hi Doug,

      of course this bike is better and more powerful than the Sondors but the price is 3x more expensive.

      If all you need is a little bit of power you cant go wrong with the sondors.

      IF you need big power the BBSHD is the way to go.

      Installing a front hub and a battery will give you about the same performance as as sondors at almost the same price.

  2. Nice build, should be a blast! Just keep an eye on that Luna triangle bag, not bad for the price, but mine lasted less than 10 rides before the zipper head cracked and broke. Upgraded to a Revelate bag, more padding and the zipper is insanely strong, at least 5x larger!

    • my zipper broke when installing the battery. not one time used! I guess I will look into the Revelate bag….

  3. Eric, why are nearly all e-bike designs rear wheel powered? I need front wheel e-drive and I’ll power the back. What am I missing about the rear power design?

    • Front wheel drive is fine but many people are afraid of it.

      You need to make sure you have good torque arms or a steel fork…but if you are careful there is no problem with it especially at lower power levels.

      I prefer front wheel hub motor bikes myself to rear motors…that way i have all wheel drive with me pedalling the back 🙂

      • Eric, I didn’t know that about front wheel drive. However, my experience without it on snow, in dirt ruts, and in sand mixtures are lessons learned. I’ve been trying to envison a hub design for self-power to the front, but an e-hub is the only way I know for 2WD.
        What fat bike would you use to install a front ehub?
        Thanks again,

        • Any fat bike with a rigid fork is fine….steel is preffered….and be sure to use torque arms to stay safe.

  4. Hey, thank you for the 411. Im going to att3mpt same build sturgis buplet w bbshd. What tool did you use to cut down the front bosses? Im new to building things but i want to do this and b3 able to service my own ride when it needs it. Thanks again fpr your help.

    Sturgis bullet xl, bbshd Luna cycle, 52v 13.5 ah luna cycle, lekkie bling 42t, nuvinci 360. Cycle analyst v3, tektro front brakes, luna cycle mudguards (stromer),

    Primary use daily commuter 9.5miles each way in NYC.

  5. Any chance of reposting with updated image links? I’m looking at converting my Sturgis and am very interested. I know Imgur hosts for free, if you’re looking for somewhere to host.

  6. I am looking to use the sturgis bullet for this build. Is there anyway you could get the pictures updated so we can see them?

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