Best Black Friday Ever: You can finally buy a Ludicrous BBSHD without buying a whole damn bike

November 29, 2019

For the last 3 years, my primary ebikes have all been powered by the Ludicrous 2500W BBSHD mid-drive unit. A good friend of mine found a way to hack the Bafang controller for Lunacycle by shunting it to increase the peak power from 1500W to 2500W and for the most part, the drive unit seems to be able to take the abuse (with the exception of the nylon gears which you can now upgrade with steel). Lunacycle has held its controllers pretty close to their chest and only sold them with entire ebike builds as a way of keeping them out of the hands of their competitors as well as a way to just sell more e-bikes. For the first time ever they are offering their Ludicrous controller powered BBSHD drive units with a Wolf pack direct to the public for $1200 right here which is an absolutely insane deal. If you don’t believe me, do a google search for “Ludicrous BBSHD reviews” on the internet and see what people say about this unit. It is over-the-top insane.

You won’t find a cheaper, more refined and more awe-inspiring mid-drive on the market anywhere than the Ludicrous BBSHD

Although you can buy a BBSHD without a Ludicrous controller, it’s not even something you should consider. It only adds 20% to the price and it adds 66% more power. The Ludicrous BBSHD is a pussycat in the lower-powered PAS modes and as long as you don’t peg the throttle you will hardly notice all that power under the hood. When you really need to scream up that hill at 30mph or rocket downhill at over 45mph because you’re being chased by zombies, you’ll be glad you have the extra power available.

The workhorses on my farm are Ludicrous powered BBSHDs, so are the play horses

I literally get several emails a day that say “I’m building this, or that and I don’t know what to buy”. I try to answer them all, but what I tell people is that the Ludicrous BBSHD is the drive unit to have, too bad you can’t just buy it straight out. Well right now you actually can buy it straight up, and there is no guarantee that after Black Friday is over that you will be able to continue to buy the Ludicrous controller. Once Luna’s competitors start buying up their products and reselling them on their ebikes I’m pretty sure that they will stop selling them.

This is what riding a BBSHD in the woods feels like, Epic every ride

I’ve written so many articles about the Ludicrous controller like this one about how to reprogram it so it does 60Amps instead of just 50Amps (this will void your warranty). I’ve also written tons of reviews of their ebikes with Ludicrous controllers like this one about the KHS 3000 which I bought and this one about the Giant Anthem 2. Every single electric fatbike I ride in the snow all are sporting the Ludicrous controller and I need it because when you’re plowing through 6 inches of heavy wet slush you need all the power you can get.

Yup, you guessed it, Ludicrous BBSHD efatty

I’ve tested the Wolf pack extensively for the past 18 months and I can say with some certainty that this pack is solid. I’ve done a review here and another review here comparing it to other crappy frame packs on the market. If you are buying the Ludicrous controller you should only consider the 30q pack, if you are going with the stock BBSHD then the GA cells are just fine and will get you a little more range (13.5Ah instead of 12Ah).

The newest version of the Wolf pack has built-in connectors which is much better than the pigtails on v1

In conclusion, I advise you do what I’m doing this holiday season and that is to find your wife’s credit card and buy yourself something special this season. You know the happier you are, the better off your relationship will be (my wife and I have recently decided to get counseling together mostly because I’m a big dumb jerk). Happy holidays and don’t kill yourself with your new overpowered home built ebike.

You should also consider getting an aftermarket chainring, as the stock steel ring just sucks

To all the hundreds of people who have ever asked me by email what to buy, the Ludicrous BBSHD drive unit with the 30q wolf pack is what you should get ($1199 right here, right now). Put it on whatever crappy pedal bike you have kicking around and you’ll discover what the word ‘fun’ really means.

Ride On.

Luna has a bunch of other stuff on sale for Black Friday here but nothing is as exciting as being able to get a BBSHD with a Ludicrous controller.

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