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March 10, 2013

Here we compile a gallery of Bionx builds found all over the internet.  These are examples of frames that have been used for people who are thinking about building a Bionx kit.  If you have a bionx build and you would like us to include your bike, please email us at info at Read our review on Bionx Kits.


airmmall electric bike

The Airnimal folding bike is one of the nicest most expensive folding bikes made. When someone slaps a Bionx kit on it is a testament to the confidence people have in the quality of Bionx. This is my personal favorite of the bikes in this gallery. Airnimal electric bike…what a concept.



ktm hard tail

Probably the most popular and most practical Bionx conversion is a hard tail suspension mountain bike. Here is an excellent example with an expensive KLM. An electric KLM. No longer do we need to wait for the Egnition Just kidding, the Egnition is still worth waiting for.



bionx hard tail mountain bike

A less expensive but still sweet Trek Bionx conversion. Trek also sales some ready to go Bionx bikes.



bionx commuter

A practical bionx commuter complete with fenders and a book rack. Disc brakes are always a good idea on an electric bike.




Bionx kits can be slapped onto a recumbent just as easy as a conventional bike. Notice how the battery pack is not as conspicuous on a recumbent.




Bionx kit electric bike

This is about as low as a step through can get. What a sweet looking Bionx conversion! Since there is no triangle to mount the battery a rear rack must be used making the bike tail heavy.



surly electric bike

Surly makes well designed steel frame bikes. This no suspension bike with fenders makes for a beautiful electric bike. This one was put together by the tasteful people at Splendid Cycles.




trek electric bike ladies

A ladies version of a Trek cruiser. Notice the rear rack battery instead of the triangle mount.




montague electric bike

A Bionx powered Montague makes an excellent electric bike. And it has the added bonus of being foldable. I reviewed a bionx motor strapped to a Montague bike (read review).



montague golf electric bike

This Montague Bike has been converted with a Bionx battery and features a golf bag carrier. A Bionx bike would make a cheap alternative to a golf cart!



full suspension electric trike

This is the full suspension trike the HP Velotechnic converted to an electric trike via Bionx.


bionx folder (nyc)

This Bionx Folder was made popular by NYCE wheels which is known for selling more Bionx Kits and folders than any dealer in the United States.


ladies electric bike

Here is a ladies step through bike which would not fit the triangle battery pack…so a rear rack mounted battery is used.



Bionx kits fit great on a mountain bike…as long as it is a hard tail and can utilize that triangle mounted battery pack.




bionx electric commuter

Basic Bionx commuter.



Bionx electric trike


Bionx electric tandem

350 watts is barely enough for one rider….now you want to use it for 2 riders? Twice as much fun or twice as much work? You be the judge.




bionx electric tandem recumbent

Bionx powered recumbent tandem.



bionx electric recumbent

Recumbents make great electric conversions.




bionx fat bike

The bionx fat electric bike. See our story on Fat bikes for more examples of fat ebikes.


bionx cruiser


trek tansport

The Trek Transport is a Trek bike with a Bionx kit with some custom touches such as custom molded battery pack in the rear rack.




bionx billit splendid cycles

This is a custom cargo bike by Clever Cycles, an Oregon company that specializes in custom cargo bikes. . They have chosen a Bionx system to power this expensive set up.


The Surly Big Dummy is a cargo bike with an ideal place to mount the Bionx battery pack. Instant electric cargo bike. The Big Dummy is my personal favorite cargo bike for electric conversion. (read our story on electric cargo bikes)




You have the option of ordering your Bionx kit in a road bike 700cc rim. Road bikes are not popular choices for electric bikes because the ultra thin tires give them less traction and seem a little flimsy to carry all that extra weight. But every once in a while you do see an electric road bike such as this one.






bionx hard tail

Another electric Bionx mountain bike with a hard tail.


Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


  1. Thanks for sharing those pictures. They certainly illustrate how versatile the Bionx kit is. I was especially glad to see some of the recumbent conversions.

  2. These are all pictures of the old style BionX except for the Surly Moonlander. The BionX is not a “Slow Speed” conversion kit. Mine goes 20 mph without pedaling, which is the legal speed limit for EBikes in Canada. I ride on bike paths and bike lanes and except for the very rare carbon fibre racer, who can’t maintain that speed, I don’t get passed by cyclists. If you need to go faster than this, you can’t ride amongst cyclists and must share the roads with ICE traffic, which defeats the whole point of riding electrically assisted bicycles.

    • Thanks for your input, Michael. If you could email us some pic links that are more recent and accurate, we would be happy to add them with the proper credits. You touch on a frequent topic of conversation, which is the various power and speed limits for street-driven E-bikes.

      We here are against any power limits, because a fully loaded cargobike on a steep uphill (with possibly a child onboard) should have as much power available to it as the owner wants to buy.

      Concerning speed limits (which are actually enforcable), this is a big gray area with the local laws and local law enforcement priorities wrestling for prominance. We leave that discussion to the individual, because we would not encourage anyone to break local laws, especially when an E-biker can be involved in an accident that isn’t even their fault.

      In such cases, the insurance company involved may insist on a citation, as would be required for an insurance claim (for vehicle damage or hospital bills) to be filed properly. Then, an officer who had made it plain that safe-riding E-bikers at 25-MPH would not normally be cited, he would then prosecute the E-biker for exceeding 20-MPH and also the local power limit (500W in Canada, and 750W in the USA).

      There don’t seem to be any laws for off-road speed or power, in fact down-hill pedal-only bikes easily ride at over 30-MPH.

      Since the Stealth Bomber/Fighter exist, where does that place 500W systems? We classify 500W as low power, and we apologize for any negative connotation you may have taken from that, A “low power” system is not an insult, its just a placement on a scale that we will continue to use due to our experience.

  3. the PL250HT and SL250HT (EU names) motors used with 48V BionX batteries are able to suck 30A from the battery 48B 8,8Ah battery which is almost 1500W. (25A when used with the 48V 6,3Ah battery, all 48V batteries batteries have a max A programmed inside). Those motors together with 48V batteries are able to run faster than 40kph on a 28″ or 29″ wheel.

    The 250W is just a sticker. Of course a Bionx motor overheats quit fast when used at full power, but this is “only” a problem on longer uphill paths, especially if you speed drops below 20kph.

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