10 ways a Cargo Electric Bike Saves Money

July 5, 2012

July, 2012

A cargo electric bike has the ability to transform your life and be a true car replacement. So what are you waiting for, go out and buy one! What is stopping you? Money? A cargo E-bike has the capacity to not only change the whole game for you, but also save you money. Cargo E-bikes make more sense financially than any other kind of electric bike because they are the perfect commuting machine.  Also an electric cargo bike offers the same hedonistic pleasures a regular electric bike offer (read about those pleasures here.) Here is a list of 10 ways a cargo electric bike can save you money:

1. Car replacement

A cargo bike with its abilty to carry stuff and passengers can effectively replace a car like no other bike. More than just rhetoric, a cargo bike is a car replacement. Not only can you sell the car and most likely get enough cash for an electric cargo bike, but you will save all the operational costs of a car through the years. Most Americans are not hard core enough to give up their car, but the electric cargo bike can easily serve as  a family’s second car replacement, or an emergency vehicle if a car breaks down.

Once you buy a cargo electric bike, you can pay for it by parting out your old car.

2. Rock star status among your peers

As long as your are carrying cargo or extra passengers, a cargo bike is more than just cool to be electrically powered, in fact you become a social hero…way better than driving a goofy Prius!  Environmentally friendly super star you are…uber coolness among your neighbors and peers. Like owning a yacht or an airplane but way cooler for a helluva lot cheaper.

3. Ability to make extra money with an electric bike side  business

A cargo bike is a way to make an instant mobile business. Selling pretzels, or delivering goods, or even selling a beer. Selling beer without a liquor license? you are on an electric bike. If the cops show up just nonchalantly cruise off into the sunset. Nobody wants to harrass a bicyclist.

4. Ability to carry passengers- (women and children first)

Cargo bikes are not only cheap transports for you but for your passengers. When you ride a cargo bike you can pick up your kids from school.

This AWD 2 person  bike can be read about at Bikes as Transportation 


5. Magic carpet ride on a date

whats it worth to take that special person in your life on a night on the town they will always remember. Some things are hard to quantify with dollars.

Read about this marriage here.

6. Mental Healthiness and Happiness

Mental unhealthiness can cost you a boat load of cash. Not only in drugs, tobacco, and alcohol expenses, but also in treatment costs and loss of productivity.
How do you quantify in dollars your mental health? A mental and physical well-being which an electric cargo bike delivers in heap loads? Read this article for more of the secret intrinic values a cargo electric bike can bring.

7. Super super long range-

Not only are you able to pack extra batteries, with all that extra storage space you can also pack a fast charger. You can cruise all over your city, and when you stop for 30 minutes to have a latte you can top off your pack at the same time. You can ride forever on an electric bike for cheap. And buying forever for cheap will save you money big time.

This bike has huge battery box, a solar panel, and a built in charger…i twill ride forever if you make occasional stops at a burger stand for top offs.

8. Long Distance Vacations on the Cheap

On a cargo bike not only can you pack tons of batteries and a fast charger, you can also pack camping gear…and instead of paying for an adventure vacation, you can create your own by hitting the road with your rig loaded with survival cargo. Time to get animal. You could go from coast to coast, cross mountain ranges…the sky is the only limit.

photo credit: Madsen Cargo Bikes

9. Re-sale Value

Cargo bikes are the bikfification of pick up trucks when it comes to sellling on the used market. Every body could use one for something and cargobikes are rare, especially a used one for sale…so expect to get close to what you paid for it if it comes to reselling.

Your house might not hold its value, but your cargo electric bike might.

10. Save yourself box truck rental fee

The right long-john electric cargo bike can carry way more cargo than even a small car. If you find yourself in a jam and need to get out of town quick, an electric cargo bike can be your escape plan and get you and all your stuff out of town fast.

Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


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