2013, year of the non-hub with gears?

Jan 14, 20135 Comments

Written by Ron/Spinningmagnets There haven’t been as many articles written here recently at, but we haven’t been just sitting around. There are lots of

Electric Bike Websites Converge; Power Poww...

Jul 06, 20126 Comments

July 5th, 2012. The owner and webmaster of Rob Means and Electro Ride shop owner Brian Howell (based on back end of met

My First Electric Bike Store in Fisherman&#...

Jul 04, 20121 Comment

Extreme Green Machines first store was in Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco, one block from Jefferson street. We started as an electric bike and scooter rental

Electric Bikes everywhere; past the “...

Jun 23, 20128 Comments

Things are going good. Got several good staff writers now….spinningmagnets, kingfish, and deerfencer. And for the most part we are ticking like a clock. I

Maker Faire 2012; DIY Electric Bikes

Jun 01, 20122 Comments

Maker Faire is an event put on  by Make magazine to “celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the DIY mindset”. Being involved in the local electric bike community,

Mission Statement

May 24, 20122 Comments

The mission of is to make the public aware of the quickly evolving electric bike, by providing honest reviews and ride reports on commercially

Best Ebike Security System Ever

May 10, 20123 Comments

The guys in China are so ahead of us. Check out this guys security system: I gotta get one!  

Back in LA…building an ebike on a bud...

Apr 24, 20125 Comments

I am back in LA and therefore doing a lot less riding than I was a week ago when in San Francisco, but the good

Back in San Francisco

Apr 07, 20129 Comments

I came back to SF in the last week and am happy to be home. I brought 2 of my electric bikes back home in

one month old

Mar 22, 20125 Comments

3-23-2012 Today this site is one month old..happy birthday I guess. I am pretty happy with how the site has come together in this month.