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Lightning Rods Big-Block mid drive kit

Jun 04, 20156 Comments

The original Lightning Rods kit was the most powerful mid drive available when we wrote about it back in December of 2014. But now, he

Moped Rims and Tires for Hot Rod Hubmotors

May 18, 201515 Comments

If you want to rock a ton of amps in a hot-rod hubmotor street monster for the kind of sweet hard acceleration that can embarrass

One Hour Electric Bike Conversion; Installi...

Apr 21, 201513 Comments

Editor Note: This is a repost of an important story we did back in our early days which shows a Mac geared motor kit  being installed in

Ebike Wiring…Defining the Rats-Nest

Apr 19, 201519 Comments

Editor note: Part 2 of a 4 part series on the wiring of DIY ebikes Make no mistake about it…there is no great deal of

Definitive Guide to Ebike Connectors

Apr 17, 201524 Comments

Editor note: Part 1 of a 5 part series on the wiring of DIY ebikes Choosing the right connectors for your electric bike battery can be a

The 3 Critical Components: Motor, Controlle...

Apr 07, 201510 Comments

Hot-rodding an ebike is not as simple as some people might think. That is because you need to consider three critical interlinked components when hot-rodding,

A Home-Built Ebike Battery Pack from 18650 ...

Apr 03, 201561 Comments

Editor Note: Affordable and powerful 18650 battery cells are the hottest thing in the DIY electric bike revolution (most well-known from their use in cordless

Lightning Rods 2800W mid drive kit

Dec 19, 201413 Comments

This is the most powerful production mid drive kit that you can run through the bikes gears, and the big surprise is how quiet it

12 E-bike KIT power levels, from 360W to 8,...

Mar 21, 201430 Comments

If you are fairly new to the idea of an E-bike, and you think you might want one, this article hopes to give you some

CAD/CAM, the DIY Builders Best Friend

Feb 08, 20147 Comments

If you are building a custom electric bike, you really need to know about Computer Aided Design (CAD), and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). These things