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High Current Batteries that are NOT LiPo

Feb 02, 201422 Comments

High performance requires high amps, but LiPo batteries can be dangerous for someone who is inexperienced with them. LiPo is capable of putting out VERY high current

DIY Mid drive builds, the why and the how, ...

Mar 15, 201320 Comments

The reasons why someone would want a non-hub build…in spite of the complexity, noisy drive components, and extra cost…was discussed in Part-1. Here, in Part-2…you

BionX Hub Motor Kit Review

Mar 10, 2013Comments off

The BionX is  the best selling hub motor kit in the United States, and probably  the world. The Bionx is not only sold as a kit,

DIY non-hub builds, the why and how (part 1...

Feb 19, 201319 Comments

Common hub motor kits have a simple construction which keeps the price low (especially with Chinese mass-production). The low price and easy installation makes them

How to Lace an E-Bike Hub Motor

Sep 17, 20128 Comments

This article is primarily aimed at guiding a less experienced bike mechanic through rim replacement on an electric bike hub motor.  It also can be

Recommended E-bike Vendors 2016

Aug 18, 20122 Comments

The electric bike builder marketplace is full of cottage industries.  This is a list of vendors for people who are considering building an electric bike

Mid-Drive Electric Cargo Bikes

Jul 04, 20121 Comment

There are two types of electric conversions for an electric cargo bike…one is fast and cheap, the other is more labor intensive and expensive but

Torque Arms on Hub Motor Bikes

Jun 29, 201227 Comments

Hub motors put a lot of twisting torque on a bicycles drop outs, more than any bike was designed for. This is a special concern

Building an Affordable Electric Bike Commut...

Jun 27, 201211 Comments

Editors Note: Dogman is a well respected guru of the DIY electric bike community who has ridden 10’s of thousands of miles on his frugally built hub

DIY Recumbent Electric Bike

Jun 22, 20128 Comments

The following story was submitted by Roger Kaza of St. Louis, Missouri, and is a great narrative on how an electric bike can transform your life