Custom Build Gallery, Zlatko’s Mental...

Dec 04, 20136 Comments

This months custom build is from Croatia, in Eastern Europe next to the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Zlatko Vidić is a mechanical engineer and when he decided to

Alans 2WD Mundo

Custom Build Gallery, Teklektiks dual-motor...

Nov 14, 20132 Comments

Alan is an electrical engineer and drives a Volvo station wagon (endless-sphere username: Teklektik), so it's no surprise that when he wanted an electric bike


Custom Build Gallery, Miles’ eMoulton

Oct 10, 20135 Comments

The featured custom build this month is from Miles, one of's most helpful and respected members, who lives in S.E. London, in the UK.

Here is Rodgahs Big Hit FSR, with a Crystalyte H35 and a large battery to provide high volts and high amps.

Custom Build Gallery, Rodgah’s Big Hi...

Sep 01, 2013No Comments

I don't know what's in the water that they're drinking down in Australia (or is it the Aussie beer?), but whatever it is, there seems


Custom Build Gallery, MattyCiii’s A-l...

Aug 04, 20134 Comments member "MattyCiii" decided to put together an extensive build based on a Norco A-line full-suspension off-road bike. With most builders, I have to


An Ebike Story of Evolution – The 2WD

Jun 16, 20135 Comments

This story was written by Kingfish, contributing writer who is known for building bikes and doing epic 1000 mile +  rides on them.  Kingfish


Truck Trike; A Heavy Duty Hauling Ebike

May 22, 201318 Comments

Every once in a while we see an ebike that breaks the mold.  Imagine instead of investing in a small pick up truck, you bought


Custom Build Gallery, Drunkskunk’s Fu...

May 18, 20134 Comments

Gavin (from Dallas, Texas) is a full sized E-biker (His endless-sphere username is “Drunkskunk“), and he felt somewhat cramped on most of the available frames. Plus he


Kepler’s Carbon “Super Commuter...

Apr 29, 20139 Comments

With all these sexy,  sleek, and expensive production bikes hitting the market in the last 6 months (Specialized Turbo, Stromer ST1, Neo Jumper, Currie Eflow)


Custom Build Gallery, AussieJester’s ...

Apr 24, 20132 Comments

Occasionally we like to celebrate some of the heroes of the electric bike revolution. Aussie Jester is on our list of 10 most influential people of the ebike movement,