Custom Build Gallery, Hannes’ crossbreak-...

Sep 30, 20143 Comments

This mid-drive build features an innovative configuration that makes it easier for a builder to pedal along with the motor if you need to ride

Custom Build Gallery, Matt’s 20-inch ...

Jul 31, 2014Comments off

Matt Shumaker really made a name for himself a few years ago by developing high performance electric bikes that used the high-end Astro Flight RC

Custom Build Gallery, Deecanios Astro mid d...

Jul 03, 20143 Comments

This mid drive build was started way back in 2008, but…it was so ahead of it’s time, it is still awesome by todays standards. Deecanio

Custom Build Gallery, Roy’s eCortina

Apr 01, 20142 Comments

This months featured build has had three major changes over three years, and each version has been so well done…they could each be featured by

NAHBS 2014, Paul Daniels custom mid drive

Mar 27, 20142 Comments

Once a year at the North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS, in Charlotte, North Carolina)...custom-made one-of-a-kind bicycles are displayed to show off the builders skill,

Custom Build Gallery, Duty Cycle AWD

Mar 08, 201410 Comments

This is an awesome All-Wheel-Drive E-bike, and it is also a folder so that it can be carried onto a train for day-trips to the

Custom Build Gallery, Zlatko’s Mental...

Dec 04, 20136 Comments

This months custom build is from Croatia, in Eastern Europe next to the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Zlatko Vidić is a mechanical engineer and when he decided to

Custom Build Gallery, Teklektiks dual-motor...

Nov 14, 20133 Comments

Alan is an electrical engineer and drives a Volvo station wagon (endless-sphere username: Teklektik), so it's no surprise that when he wanted an electric bike

Custom Build Gallery, Miles’ eMoulton

Oct 10, 20136 Comments

The featured custom build this month is from Miles, one of's most helpful and respected members, who lives in S.E. London, in the UK.

Custom Build Gallery, Rodgah’s Big Hi...

Sep 01, 2013No Comments

I don't know what's in the water that they're drinking down in Australia (or is it the Aussie beer?), but whatever it is, there seems