Custom Build Gallery, “Patient Zero&#...

Sep 03, 20125 Comments

September, 2012 Word on the street is that Manny Da Silva (from Toronto, Canada) has put together an unusually radical idea for Tattoo and Piercing artists. When

Custom Build Gallery: Nik’s Spider DI...

Aug 22, 20124 Comments

Nik from Italy sent us pictures of his recently finished home-built mid drive mountain bike which is indeed another clean and elegant example of what

Recommended E-bike Vendors 2016

Aug 18, 20122 Comments

The electric bike builder marketplace is full of cottage industries.  This is a list of vendors for people who are considering building an electric bike

Mini Hub Motor Mountain E-bikes

Aug 15, 20126 Comments

August, 2012 Electric bike home builder Nader Alizadeh lives in Hamburg Germany, where electric bikes are popular, but restricted to a maximum watt limit of 250

Mid-Drive Electric Cargo Bikes

Jul 04, 20121 Comment

There are two types of electric conversions for an electric cargo bike…one is fast and cheap, the other is more labor intensive and expensive but

Stealth Bomber and Fighter / Modifying the ...

Jul 03, 201229 Comments

July, 2012 Many would wonder why anyone would want to modify such a well-proven package like the Stealth Bomber or the Stealth Fighter and I

Torque Arms on Hub Motor Bikes

Jun 29, 201228 Comments

Hub motors put a lot of twisting torque on a bicycles drop outs, more than any bike was designed for. This is a special concern

Building an Affordable Electric Bike Commut...

Jun 27, 201211 Comments

Editors Note: Dogman is a well respected guru of the DIY electric bike community who has ridden 10’s of thousands of miles on his frugally built hub

DIY Recumbent Electric Bike

Jun 22, 20129 Comments

The following story was submitted by Roger Kaza of St. Louis, Missouri, and is a great narrative on how an electric bike can transform your life

Hot-Rodding your Hub Motor

Jun 06, 201254 Comments

So you want to build an electric hot rod the fast, easy and cheap way?  Then hub motor hod rodding is for you. Inevitably, new electric