A history of all these weird electrical ter...

Sep 29, 20192 Comments

I find this crap interesting. I readily admit that someone can be very good at building electric bikes, and still not know anything about the

Lee Iacocca and the EV Global electric bike

Jul 22, 201922 Comments

Lee Iacocca recently passed away, and even though he is more well-known for other things, he was also a pioneer when it came to ebikes.

Vivax Assist – Doped Electric Bike

Jan 25, 20179 Comments

Please read this recent story about a groundbreaking CBS 60 minutes episode where rampant use of electric motors in sanctioned bike races was exposed. To

Peugeot eDL-132, exotic French concept E-bi...

Mar 28, 20152 Comments

The Peugeot eDL-132 mid-drive electric bicycle is a gorgeous example of a car company that wants to get some publicity with the growing trend of

Electric Bike History, patents from the 180...

Nov 09, 201311 Comments

I was looking at patents recently, because they show the internal workings of recent drives that have been introduced. This way, I can find out

Dogman’s Tale

May 10, 20133 Comments

When I started chatting on the internet, I wanted a screen name to protect my identity. So I chose Dogman because I am part dog, I

Ebike Family Vimeo Documentary

Jan 08, 20131 Comment

The Ebike Family video series is a well done documentary, which shows what goes into building an electric bike from the ground up out of

Electric Bike Graveyard

Nov 04, 201225 Comments

The electric bike graveyard stands as a warning to all entrepreneurs who think that the electric bike market is a lucrative easy business. So far there

Electric Scooters vs Electric Bikes

Nov 04, 20123 Comments

The electric scooter craze bit the dust in 2002, now in 2012 with electric scooters all but dead, electric bikes are having there first major

Electric Scooter Survivors

Nov 04, 20129 Comments

Here is a short list of the survivors of the electric  scooter craze. Now there are very few scooter manufacturers who are making a serious