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Luna Cycle’s Black Friday Party

Nov 27, 2015No Comments

Luna Cycles has announced some Black Friday specials which marks down some already low prices. Luna Cycle Black Friday Sale Also just this weekend…


Triangle battery pack roundup, all differen...

Nov 13, 2015Comments off

If you have decided to get a triangle-shaped battery pack for your ebike, this article is about where to find the different sizes, so…whether you


Haibike Xduro E-Bike Review

Nov 08, 2015No Comments

Editor note: The following review is a repost of Joe Goodwill’s awesome review on the Haibike. Nice job with excellent pictures.  For the full review


ShareRoller, a 750W friction drive

Nov 08, 20156 Comments

This is the most impressive friction drive I’ve seen so far, and its about to go into production. It uses a battery pack made from

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New California Ebike Laws

Nov 06, 20154 Comments

The website “” is one of the sources of information I check occasionally, and they recently reposted an article by Cameron Newland about changes to


Italdesign Giugiaro creates new flagship eb...

Oct 11, 20154 Comments

Royal Dutch Gazelle has been making bicycles since 1902, and they are a global bicycle powerhouse that is based in the Netherlands, but…most North Americans have


Introduction to Electric Bicycles—10/...

Oct 09, 20151 Comment

  Written by Turbo Bob The parade of electric bikes have been flowing through my event for the last 4 years.  Every spring and fall

#1 intro   Pedego Trail Tracker   Wheelie

Holy Horsepower Batman—Turbo Bob Join...

Oct 04, 20152 Comments

Editor note: We are proud to have Turbo Bob join our team. We welcome him and respect his work, even though he has a different take


Interbike 2015, in Las Veg...

Sep 30, 20154 Comments

The three biggest bicycle conventions each year are the Taipei Cycle Show in Taiwan (held in March), Eurobike in Germany (August), and Interbike in Las


E-bikes on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Sep 06, 20157 Comments

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the best-known “crowd-funding” sites. If you need money to start a business, and a bank won’t give you a loan…sometimes you