Retail electric bike top-speed of 28-MPH, a...

Oct 22, 201311 Comments

Recently, at the September Interbike-2013 in Las Vegas,three big players in the E-bike market provided test-rides on production models of their E-bikes that were intended

Currie Announces Awesome 2014 Ebike Line Up

Sep 07, 201312 Comments

Currie Technologies is currently the largest electric bike manufacturer in the United States, and has been in the electric bike building business longer than any

Eurobike 2013 Electric Bikes

Sep 03, 20136 Comments

Well, Eurobike 2013 has ended, and I suspect the fact that is was held in Germany this year had something to do with the recent

Derby Cycle Electric Bike Expo

Aug 16, 20131 Comment

Derby Cycles throws one hell of a party. From morning to night, for two weeks, Derby Cycle Werke, the factory and headquarter’s of Germany’s largest

Bosch mid-drive chosen by Trek and others

Aug 06, 201317 Comments

In the power-limited markets of Europe and Asia, the mid-drive market last year made it clear that the there were going to be two big

Harrison E-bikes, boardtrack racers from Fi...

Jul 11, 20131 Comment

In the 1910's to 1920's, there was a popular style of motorcycle racing on oval tracks with steeply curved banks which allowed high speeds to

Volton Electric Bikes

Jul 01, 20134 Comments

Written by Ron/spinningmagnets, July 2013 Stromer introduced the ST1 recently, and the mainstream bicycle magazines actually wrote favorable articles about it (see our review of

Geoby, one of Chinas biggest suppliers of g...

Jun 20, 201317 Comments

The vast majority of electric bike parts are made in China, and most of the type that are exported to North America are made around

Stealth Bomber Releases Epic Video

May 25, 20138 Comments

The ebike industry has not had many good Youtube videos to speak of…Much of that is because very few ebikes are designed with the performance

BH E-Motion Adds Mid Drive to its Line-up

May 11, 20134 Comments

BH is a European bike company that was founded in 1909, and this last year we have been stumbling across various E-bikes that they have