Mainstream Bicycle Media Warming to E-bikes

Mar 05, 20136 Comments

I was looking at the April 2013 issue of the Bicycling magazine buyers guide today (25 Feb). I was pleasantly surprised to find an E-bike section

Mid Drive Haibike Ebike Climbs Steepest Tra...

Feb 13, 201311 Comments

Every once in a great while a great ebike video will hit YouTube. Audi Ebike was one, Specialized Turbo was another. Now Haibike has released an

M55 Ebike Video Glimpses

Jan 27, 20133 Comments

One of the most exciting and elusive electric bikes on the market is the $40,000 full suspension, mid drive M55 (read our story here). Up until last

Edgerunner, E-cargobike from Xtracycle

Jan 17, 20131 Comment

Xtracycle is a company that initially became famous for making an accessory that attaches to the rear of a standard bike frame to make it

Optibike Announces the $6,000 M4

Dec 10, 20122 Comments

Optibike (of boulder Colorado) who is known for their $12,000 high-end electric bikes that are made in the USA, has just released a new model,

Electric Bikes and DUI

Nov 21, 201210 Comments

By federal law, you do not need a drivers license to ride an electric bike.  Electric bikes have always been a safe haven  for someone

Electric Bike Racing Hall of Fame

Oct 08, 20122 Comments

October, 2012 The Electric Bike racing scene in its current state is a small community of fringe group of pioneers. In this story we celebrate

Inspiring Home-Built Electric Bike From Pak...

Sep 28, 201221 Comments

Naeem is a hero for electric bike builders everywhere who want to create an electric bike on a budget. He wins the award for creating

Mid-Drive E-bikes at Interbike 2012

Sep 25, 20123 Comments

Although Interbike 2012 in Las Vegas was slammed with new products in the hub motor category, there were very few mid-drives. Mid-drives offer many advantages

New Electric Bikes at Interbike 2012

Sep 23, 201221 Comments

Interbike is the once-a-year Las Vegas bicycle extravaganza, which until now has been dominated by pedal bicycles, with electric bikes comprising a very small niche.