Audi Releases 2nd Video and more pics on it...

May 17, 201212 Comments

May, 2012 Audi has released a new video and more pictures today highlighting the features of the Audi E-bike which we reported on in last

Optibike Electric Bike in the Velodrome

May 01, 2012No Comments

May, 2012 Optibike, the world’s leading high performance electric bike, is circling Boulder’s velodrome and stirring much excitement. Optibike has found its place as a

Switzerland amps ups power limit on Electri...

Apr 30, 2012No Comments

April, 2012 As of Thursday, April 26, 2012, Electric bikes with a motor output of up to 500 watts and pedal assistance of up to

NYC Clamps Down on Electric Bikes

Apr 12, 201289 Comments

April, 2012 The officials in charge of New York City have had enough of e-bikes  and are clamping down and intensifying enforcement on a law

Twike Electric Bike/ Pedal Car

Mar 26, 20126 Comments

Twike vehicles are human electric hybrid vehicles built for 2 people and their cargo. They are a unique combination of a an electric vehicle and

Zero Smashes Gassers

Mar 22, 20121 Comment

March 18,2012.  A Zero Mx Electric Motorcycle competed in the open class against gas powered motorcross cycles in the Hollister Hills California  Ama Phantom  Hare

Electric Bikes Law FAQS

Mar 22, 20123 Comments

March, 2012 Read our complete story on Ebike Legality here. What is the federal law when it comes to electric bikes? In the USA, Congress

Hipster-ass Hipster Bike for Hipsters

Mar 14, 20121 Comment

March, 2012 I am selling my Vista Carrera 7 road bike. Perfect for the aspiring culture creator. I have recently become a Successful Entrepreneur and

Ebay Electric Bike Watch March 10th

Mar 11, 20122 Comments

March, 2012 So on this date of March 10th I will take a look and evaluate the e-bikes on ebay, looking for bargains and ripoffs.

Twike Pedal Car

Mar 02, 20125 Comments

March, 2012 Q: What kind of car goes 45 miles on an electric charge and a bowl of cereal? A: Walter Breitinger’s electric-and human-powered TWIKE. The Valparaiso commodities