Mighty Powerful Pedaling – TWIKE

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February, 2012 A Valparaiso man drives to work every day without using a drop of gasoline. Walt Breitinger, who works as a commodities broker in

Electric Biking the Swiss Alps

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February, 2012 August 26, 2011, NY Times The road east out of Sörenberg rears up into a series of steep turns that climb the Glaubenbielen

Is the target age group of E-bikes finally ...

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February, 2012 The thought of an electric bicycle that just goes by itself could be the stuff of a teenager’s daydream, and yet the market

Electric Bike Grocery Delivery in LA

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December, 2011 The word “concierge” most often relates to the hotel industry. But a new sustainable grocery delivery program via electric-powered bicycles is bringing concierge

Electric bicycles, scooters causing confusi...

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February, 2012 As electric transportation technology continues to advance, more electric bicycles and electric scooters are quietly filling local streets, but these new vehicles are

Currie Electric BIkes is bought by Accell G...

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February, 2012 Those who have been patiently plugging away at E-bike sales in the U.S. now hope Dutch juggernaut Accell Group’s entry into the market

Business Schools Teach Marketing Plans for ...

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February, 2012 It’s a marketer’s dream: a product that frees consumers from rising gas prices and gridlocked traffic while cutting commuting costs. That’s why two

Optibike 1100r Debuts at Pikes Peak Race

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I met the marketing director of  Optibike  Craig Taber on a spring morning of 2011. I had owned the 800r optibike and was not entirely