Charging Your Ebike batteries with a Variab...

Jul 04, 20223 Comments

Here is an article that you will absolutely never see on any other normal ebike blog site. For the last year or so I have

The Gentleman’s Guide to Guerrilla El...

Jun 24, 2022No Comments

I spend a lot of time on car blog sites which are frequented with comments like “I’ll never buy an electric car because it costs

12 Accessories For Your Ebike

Dec 08, 20166 Comments

December is here, and many people are looking to find gift ideas for the ebiker in their life, or…maybe you are thinking about treating yourself

Battle of the Bafang BBSHD Chain Rings

Jan 23, 201616 Comments

The middrive Bafang  BBSHD  1000W kit is taking shape to be one of the hottest ebike kits of 2016 (as we expected). It is powerful,

​Ebike Battery Math: Volts, Amps, Amp Hou...

Dec 05, 201530 Comments

These days, awesome ebike battery packs constructed of quality 18650 cells are available to average bike builders thanks to  advances in 18650 DIY pack building

Bafang BBSHD 1000W Mini Review

Nov 29, 201511 Comments

Editor note: Here is a nice little review one of the first BBSHD customers wrote on the new Bafang BBSHD which is on Cyber Monday sale

Frame Triangle Cases, for Batteries and Car...

Oct 07, 20136 Comments

While looking at pictures from the recent Eurobike 2013 convention in Germany, I finally saw a pic which reassured me that some of my personal

Suspension Seat-Posts on Ebikes

Sep 04, 201320 Comments

I own a Thudbuster, and I paid full retail price for it long before I began writing about E-bikes. If you ride a hardtail bike

Mid Drive Performance Videos

Jul 29, 2012No Comments

Although hub motor bikes are cheap and abundant, when it comes to electric bikes, its hard to beat the performance, torque and efficiency of a

Electric Bike Emergency Repair Kits

Jul 20, 20125 Comments

You can tell a lot about a man about how he handles times of tribulation and challenge on his rides. Here is a write up