Moped Rims and Tires for Hot Rod Hubmotors

May 18, 201517 Comments

If you want to rock a ton of amps in a hot-rod hubmotor street monster for the kind of sweet hard acceleration that can embarrass

MXUS 3000W V2, a Hot Rod Hubmotor

May 11, 201518 Comments

In early 2014, a few E-bike hot-rodders took a risk and bought a very large hubmotor direct from a Chinese company called MXUS, and the

Ebike Wiring…Defining the Rats-Nest

Apr 19, 201523 Comments

Editor note: Part 2 of a 4 part series on the wiring of DIY ebikes Make no mistake about it…there is no great deal of

Definitive Guide to Ebike Connectors

Apr 17, 201528 Comments

Editor note: Part 1 of a 5 part series on the wiring of DIY ebikes Choosing the right connectors for your electric bike battery can be a

Lightning Rods 2800W mid drive kit

Dec 19, 201414 Comments

This is the most powerful production mid drive kit that you can run through the bikes gears, and the big surprise is how quiet it

High Current Batteries that are NOT LiPo

Feb 02, 201422 Comments

High performance requires high amps, but LiPo batteries can be dangerous for someone who is inexperienced with them. LiPo is capable of putting out VERY high current

26 Mid Drive Kits for DIY Electric Bikes

Jan 20, 201450 Comments

Some of the most refined electric bikes on the market are mid drives. And until recently, if you wanted a mid drive electric bike you

Cromotor, Monster Hubmotor for Electric Bik...

Jan 03, 201427 Comments

Zvonimir is an engineer who lives in Croatia, between Italy and Greece on the beautiful Adriatic Sea (ES member HAL9000V2.0). In a recent story, we

AstroFlight 4535, their largest motor yet, ...

Oct 08, 20132 Comments

AstroFlight is a maker of high-end RC motors and components for RC-helicopters and model planes. Their headquarters are located in Irvine, Southern California. This month

GNG Gen2 750W Mid-Drive Kit Review

May 01, 20137 Comments

This is an affordable and useful mid drive, if you think you would be happy with 750W…and live where there are hills. Quite a few buyers