Mid Drive Performance Videos

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Although hub motor bikes are cheap and abundant, when it comes to electric bikes, its hard to beat the performance, torque and efficiency of a

Ego Kit Mid Drive Ultimate Mountain Climber

Jul 28, 20128 Comments

The highest quality most expensive E-bike kit you can buy at this point is the Austrian made Ego Kit drive. This is one of the

E-Bike Hub Motor Factory in China

Jul 27, 20126 Comments

Visiting a Chinese factory these days is a rare and enlightening experience. For an E-bike fanatic like me, visiting a hub motor factory is like

Basic Care and Trouble Shooting of a LiFePO...

Jul 19, 201230 Comments

A common choice for powering a hub motor kit is a LiFePO4 battery pack (Lithium-Iron-Phosphate).  Brand names include Pingbattery, and V Power HK, and there

9C 280X BLDC Motor, Black finish

Nine Continent Hub Motor 9C Review

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In North America, the most popular direct drive hub motor today is the Nine Continent (“9C”) series, a family of rare-earth radial flux motors produced

Mid Drive; The Creamy Hub Motor Alternative

Jun 17, 201213 Comments

Mid drives are the holy grail power-providers for electric bikes. If you want to  know how you can spend a lot of money on an

Lady on a bike cross-county

Seats and Saddles for Electric Bikes

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Proper seat selection for an electric bike will make a huge difference in the pleasure, performance, and comfort when riding, particularly over long-distance. This primer

Pinion Drive System = E-bike Porn

May 18, 20124 Comments

The Pinion E1.8  electric bike drive system will make any decent E-bike enthusiast’s mouth water.  Pinion is another German manufacturer who is making huge strides in the

Crystalyte Hub Motor Review

May 13, 201217 Comments

The Crystalyte hub motor is one of the front runners in cheap and powerful hub motors from China.  They are especially well known for their

Astro Motors on Electric Bikes; Terrifying ...

May 10, 201210 Comments

Some of the fastest and sexiest electric bikes on the planet are powered by Astro motors.  An Astro powered E-bike represents the pinnacle of  E-bike engineering