Astro Motors on Electric Bikes; Terrifying ...

May 10, 201210 Comments

Some of the fastest and sexiest electric bikes on the planet are powered by Astro motors.  An Astro powered E-bike represents the pinnacle of  E-bike engineering

BMC Geared-Hub Motor Review

May 04, 20126 Comments

The BMC motor is a geared hub motor that weighs around 8 pounds, and it puts out decent power and hill climbing ability, considering its

Minimizing Flat Tires on an E-bike

Apr 30, 20122 Comments

Flat tires are the bane of the electric bike rider.  If you ride an ebike and feel you are getting more than your fair share

A Rohloff on an Electric Bike

Apr 11, 201216 Comments

A Rohloff Speed Hub is one of the sweetest pieces of bicycle technology ever invented….right up there with the electric bike and the hub motor.

Choosing A Mountain Bike To Electrify – P...

Mar 28, 20128 Comments

This is a continuation of Choosing a Mountain Bike to Electrify – Part 1 Suspension Frame material- most e-bike gurus prefer steel frames over aluminum.

Tire Selection for an E-bike

Mar 24, 20123 Comments

Your tires on your e-bike are an integral part of your electric bike equation. The tires are the part of the e-bike that connect you

10 Point Hub Motor Break Down

Mar 21, 201236 Comments

Mass produced Hub motors out of China have made a huge impact on the electric bike market. There are a large number of E-bikes available

Electric Bike Lithium Battery Primer

Mar 11, 201227 Comments

If your looking for a ready-to -buy lithium ebike source check out Luna Cycle for the packs and the supplier we recommend. Whether you’re shopping

Hub Motor Conversion; Front or Rear Wheel D...

Mar 02, 201227 Comments

  When planning your electric bike build, one of the first questions you should ask yourself  before you pick your conversion frame is…do you want

Choosing an Electric Mountain Bike – ...

Feb 27, 201211 Comments

One of the first questions you should ask yourself when buying an electric bike, or choosing a base mountain bike for a conversion to electric,