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M55 Ebike; Lighter and Faster

May 21, 20127 Comments

5/20/2012  M55 bikes announced the newest incarnation of the M55 Terminus which became lighter, smarter and more powerful. The launch was in Monaco at Top Marques few

Bosch Cannondale E-series Review

May 20, 201210 Comments

For over fours years now I have been testing different E-bikes of various drives and designs, and  I had the opportunity to test an electric

Currie Izip Urban Cruiser Review

Apr 27, 20123 Comments

editor note: The following story was submitted by one of our readers, Tim McIntyre of Seal Beach California. Hats off to Currie for releasing just

Currie Ezip Trailz $500 Ebike Review and Ri...

Apr 15, 201226 Comments

The most important point to make about the Curry Ezip Trailz electric bike is that it costs under $500 delivered. It’s amazing to get a

PiCycle Factory Tour and Ride Report

Apr 13, 20127 Comments

Living in San Francisco, I have heard rumors of a new futuristic-looking electric bike being built  just across the Golden Gate Bridge in the quiet

Phasor Cycles Ride Review

Apr 05, 20123 Comments

Written by senior editor Eric, April 2012 Most e-bike manufacturers in the United States have resorted to converting existing bicycles rather than going through the

Pedego Interceptor Review and Owners Report

Mar 24, 20123 Comments

  Editor Note: Please read our complete review on the Pedego Interceptor here. . The Pedego Interceptor is an interesting carnation of an affordable e-bike with

What to Look for in a $1,000 E-bike

Mar 11, 20125 Comments

If you go with a no name made in china bike you can get a descent lithium powered electric bike for the $1000-1200 range. China

The Twike Electric Pedal Car

Mar 10, 201210 Comments

There is a vast gap between a 30lb bicycle and a 3000lb car. And balancing on two weels at automotive speeds is a too much

Electric Fat Bike Creations

Mar 09, 201214 Comments

Wide framed, wide tired electric e-bike offer many advantages over slim tired mountain bikes. First is there ability to ride where no one else dares