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Stromer Electric Bike Review

Jul 04, 201219 Comments

Reading all the rave reviews (written by vendors) of the Stromer online recently, I have been hankering to test ride a Stromer, but like when

Focus Jarifa Electric Bike with Panasonic M...

Jun 29, 201215 Comments

The Focus Jarifa is a new breed of European invasion, where Germany sends to us their best electric bikes, and shows us how well an

Cargo Electric Bikes: Big Mommas

Jun 26, 20124 Comments

One genre of bike that fits the electric bike utility nicely is the cargo bike. Because of the nature of a cargo bike there is

Stealthy Electric Bikes; For the Discreet a...

Jun 11, 201216 Comments

In the name of discretion, for those who do not want to stick out when you ride your E-bike, here are the motor kit set

Stealth Fighter E-bike Review

May 31, 201223 Comments

When you first visit the Stealth Electric Bike web site, most people are drawn to the aggressive lines and impressive performance figures of the Stealth

M55 Ebike; Lighter and Faster

May 21, 20127 Comments

5/20/2012  M55 bikes announced the newest incarnation of the M55 Terminus which became lighter, smarter and more powerful. The launch was in Monaco at Top Marques few

Bosch Cannondale E-series Review

May 20, 201210 Comments

For over fours years now I have been testing different E-bikes of various drives and designs, and  I had the opportunity to test an electric

Currie Izip Urban Cruiser Review

Apr 27, 20123 Comments

editor note: The following story was submitted by one of our readers, Tim McIntyre of Seal Beach California. Hats off to Currie for releasing just

Currie Ezip Trailz $500 Ebike Review and Ri...

Apr 15, 201226 Comments

The most important point to make about the Curry Ezip Trailz electric bike is that it costs under $500 delivered. It’s amazing to get a

PiCycle Factory Tour and Ride Report

Apr 13, 20127 Comments

Living in San Francisco, I have heard rumors of a new futuristic-looking electric bike being built  just across the Golden Gate Bridge in the quiet