Future Ebikes

Qoros eBIQE, Exotic Concept E-Bike

Mar 10, 20146 Comments

Qoros has revealed a new high-performance electric bike, and if it looks vaguely similar to the GreyP G-12, there is a reason for that. We

BMW announces a new E-bike for 2014

Mar 05, 201413 Comments

BMW produced 200 small folding electric bikes in 2012 as part of a public relations campaign about their new electric concept car, the i3. You

Conway E-Rider, Mid Drive Off-Road Ebike

Jan 15, 20133 Comments

The Conway E-Rider is a German off-road E-bike that has high ground clearance, full-suspension with long travel, and a centrally-located non-hub motor with a factory

Hanebrink Hustler; 80-MPH Ebike

Oct 26, 20128 Comments

Dan Hanebrink has been building  high powered electric bikes in his workshop high in the mountains of Southern California for many years. He is most

Polaris to Launch Line of E-Bikes

Sep 16, 201210 Comments

Polaris Press release: Polaris Electric Bicycles has introduced a new line of electric bicycles in partnership with EVantage. The Polaris brand entering the electric bicycle

KTM Eshopper Wins Gold at Eurobike

Sep 01, 20125 Comments

September, 2012 An electric bike won the esteemed gold medal at the 2012 Eurobike show in Germany. Made by Austrian manufacturer KTM, a cargo utility

Grace E-bikes Comes to USA

Aug 23, 20129 Comments

German based Grace will start distributing electric bicycles in the US in the spring of 2013. (read our review on the Grace One)  Established in

Currie Announces the eFlow

Aug 22, 201214 Comments

August 22nd 2012 Currie Technologies announced today the release of  their latest electric bike, the eFlow E3 Nitro. I am familiar with this bike design which

Smart E-Bike Factory Floor; Fresh German Ai...

Jul 31, 20129 Comments

Smart E-bike is officially in production, and we are now seeing the first pictures of the electric bike on the factory floor (read our story

Faraday E-Bike: Ultra Fine Design

Jul 20, 20129 Comments

The Faraday Porteur electric bike is definitely what we would consider a “boutique” electric bike build. Not only is it a low-volume production, but also it’s something