Nicolai Ion20 Mountain E-Climber

May 18, 20126 Comments

The announcements for high-end and exciting electric bikes soon to be released in 2012 just keeps flowing! High-end German bike frame manufacturer Nicolai has announced

Top 10 Ebikes of the Future

May 15, 201236 Comments

May, 2012 2012 has been an exciting year for E-bike announcements. Here is a list of 10 amazing electric bikes that could potentially change the

Crystalyte Hub Motor Review

May 13, 201217 Comments

The Crystalyte hub motor is one of the front runners in cheap and powerful hub motors from China.  They are especially well known for their

Audi Electric Bike Revealed

May 13, 2012158 Comments

Check out the Luna Cycle Apex which was released in October of 2018 and is a bike  very similar  in design to the Audi Ebike

Astro Motors on Electric Bikes; Terrifying ...

May 10, 201210 Comments

Some of the fastest and sexiest electric bikes on the planet are powered by Astro motors.  An Astro powered E-bike represents the pinnacle of  E-bike engineering

BMC Geared-Hub Motor Review

May 04, 20126 Comments

The BMC motor is a geared hub motor that weighs around 8 pounds, and it puts out decent power and hill climbing ability, considering its

Minimizing Flat Tires on an E-bike

Apr 30, 20122 Comments

Flat tires are the bane of the electric bike rider.  If you ride an ebike and feel you are getting more than your fair share

Currie Izip Urban Cruiser Review

Apr 27, 20123 Comments

editor note: The following story was submitted by one of our readers, Tim McIntyre of Seal Beach California. Hats off to Currie for releasing just

Currie Ezip Trailz $500 Ebike Review and Ri...

Apr 15, 201226 Comments

The most important point to make about the Curry Ezip Trailz electric bike is that it costs under $500 delivered. It’s amazing to get a

PiCycle Factory Tour and Ride Report

Apr 13, 20127 Comments

Living in San Francisco, I have heard rumors of a new futuristic-looking electric bike being built  just across the Golden Gate Bridge in the quiet