A Rohloff on an Electric Bike

Apr 11, 201214 Comments

A Rohloff Speed Hub is one of the sweetest pieces of bicycle technology ever invented….right up there with the electric bike and the hub motor.

Phasor Cycles Ride Review

Apr 05, 20123 Comments

Written by senior editor Eric, April 2012 Most e-bike manufacturers in the United States have resorted to converting existing bicycles rather than going through the

Choosing A Mountain Bike To Electrify – P...

Mar 28, 20128 Comments

This is a continuation of Choosing a Mountain Bike to Electrify – Part 1 Suspension Frame material- most e-bike gurus prefer steel frames over aluminum.

EH Line Street Racer Electric Bike

Mar 26, 20123 Comments

The Austrian-made EH Street Racer is an interesting variant on the electric bike model. Instead of a mountain bike, they have decided on a  monocoque aluminium

Pedego Interceptor Review and Owners Report

Mar 24, 20123 Comments

  Editor Note: Please read our complete review on the Pedego Interceptor here. . The Pedego Interceptor is an interesting carnation of an affordable e-bike with

Tire Selection for an E-bike

Mar 24, 20123 Comments

Your tires on your e-bike are an integral part of your electric bike equation. The tires are the part of the e-bike that connect you

Grace E-bike; Designer of Smart E-bike

Mar 24, 20124 Comments

The German made Grace Ebike is simplistic in design and yet beautiful in its simplicity. A bion-x hub motor pumped up to 1300 watts drives

Smart E-bike Steps to the Plate

Mar 24, 201220 Comments

March, 2012 Smart bike has taken a big step into the electric bike market and  “looks”  to be trying to hit it out of the

Smart Brabus E-bike

Mar 23, 201210 Comments

The Smart Brabus  e-bike made its debut at the Geneva Motorshow 2012 this month. It has a 500 watt hub motor, enough power to hit about

10 Point Hub Motor Break Down

Mar 21, 201236 Comments

Mass produced Hub motors out of China have made a huge impact on the electric bike market. There are a large number of E-bikes available