Luna Cycle Releases Father’s Day Vide...

Jun 18, 2016No Comments

Luna Cycle has just released a father’s day video dedicated to ebike fathers everywhere.     This video was filmed near Luna Cycle headquarters on

The Misadventures of Thud (Ebike Racer)

Oct 08, 20122 Comments

Endless-Sphere builder Thud (Todd) is a furniture designer with a small workshop in his basement. He has some CNC equipment and fabricates his own drive

Electric Bike Racing

Oct 08, 20122 Comments

Electric bike racing has caught on with a fringe group of electric bike riders who build and hot-rod electric bikes to  go at fast speeds

Crushing Pikes Peak With a Hub Motor; on a ...

Jul 18, 201215 Comments

No hub motor powered electric bike has previously ever made it to the top of Pikes Peak, although many have tried and failed. This is

Electric Bike Websites Converge; Power Poww...

Jul 06, 20126 Comments

July 5th, 2012. The owner and webmaster of electric-bikes.com Rob Means and Electro Ride shop owner Brian Howell (based on back end of electric-bikes.com) met

Electric Bike Tour In Switzerland

Jun 21, 2012No Comments

June, 2012 As the passengers of the river cruise ship Scenic Crystal set off on tours in air-conditioned buses, I had a pang of trepidation.

Guerrilla E-biker / Filmmaker

Jun 04, 20128 Comments

June, 2012 Adam’ got a unique opportunity when his family moved to a home in Brittany France that was just  500 meters from the beach.

Extending Your E-Bike Daytours

May 25, 20121 Comment

Over a decade or so of recreational E-biking I’ve learned a few tricks I’d like to share for extending the length of your individual rides.

Electric Bikes Tap Into LA Market

Apr 24, 20123 Comments

In search of a speedy, yet green alternate way to get to work, Calvin Phuong used an electric bicycle conversion kit on his bike. The

The Joys of E-Bike Day Touring

Apr 23, 20121 Comment

As an aging baby boomer who’s always been passionate about cycling but who’s put on significant pounds over time, about twelve years ago I hung