Custom Build Gallery, Mark’s Cromotor...

Aug 19, 20153 Comments

This E-bike’s design is not subtle or sophisticated, it’s very simple. Take a large rear hub-motor, and feed it a huge amount of watts. It

Bafang BBS02, 750W mid-drive electric bike ...

Aug 16, 201552 Comments

Editor note August 2015. We have re-written this story to make it more current as of today. “Spinningmagnets”  wrote the original version of this story two years

Five Large Hot Rod Hubmotors for Street E-b...

Aug 10, 201510 Comments

Direct drive hubmotors have remained popular for street E-bikes that are running hot rod amounts of power. Here is a list of some of the

Pedego Recalls 5000 ebike Batteries

Jul 05, 20157 Comments

Pedego Electric Bikes is voluntarily recalling the batteries from every e-bike it produced between January 2010 and September 2013. Pedego launched the recall, which involves

Mounting Options for E-bike Batteries

Jun 28, 201529 Comments

One of the first problems a new E-biker who wants to add a kit to their bicycle has to figure out is…Where do I mount

Lightning Rods Big-Block mid drive kit

Jun 04, 20157 Comments

The original Lightning Rods kit was the most powerful mid drive available when we wrote about it back in December of 2014. But now, he

Moped Rims and Tires for Hot Rod Hubmotors

May 18, 201517 Comments

If you want to rock a ton of amps in a hot-rod hubmotor street monster for the kind of sweet hard acceleration that can embarrass

MXUS 3000W V2, a Hot Rod Hubmotor

May 11, 201518 Comments

In early 2014, a few E-bike hot-rodders took a risk and bought a very large hubmotor direct from a Chinese company called MXUS, and the

The On/Off Switch…the Nemesis of the ...

May 09, 201518 Comments

As the editor of, I have ridden a massive amount of electric bikes both home-built and commercial ebikes. Here is a weird stat: 100 percent

Brave New Electric World: 2015

May 01, 20152 Comments

Having heard so much good about gasoline cars, we decided to test drive one. They are said to combine cheap price with long range and fast