Custom Build Gallery, Matt’s 20-inch ...

Jul 31, 2014Comments off

Matt Shumaker really made a name for himself a few years ago by developing high performance electric bikes that used the high-end Astro Flight RC

Custom Build Gallery, Deecanios Astro mid d...

Jul 03, 20143 Comments

This mid drive build was started way back in 2008, but…it was so ahead of it’s time, it is still awesome by todays standards. Deecanio

Qulbix Raptor 140, slimmer with a bigger ba...

Jun 30, 20145 Comments

The Qulbix Raptor has a devoted following as an off-road E-bike that will fit any one of the large and powerful rear hubs that are

Boston Police using electric bikes for the ...

Apr 24, 2014No Comments

The Boston Police department has been seen using electric bikes during the 2014 Boston marathon, which was held just a couple of days ago. The TV news

NAHBS 2014, Paul Daniels custom mid drive

Mar 27, 20142 Comments

Once a year at the North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS, in Charlotte, North Carolina)...custom-made one-of-a-kind bicycles are displayed to show off the builders skill,

12 E-bike KIT power levels, from 360W to 8,...

Mar 21, 201431 Comments

If you are fairly new to the idea of an E-bike, and you think you might want one, this article hopes to give you some

Qoros eBIQE, Exotic Concept E-Bike

Mar 10, 20146 Comments

Qoros has revealed a new high-performance electric bike, and if it looks vaguely similar to the GreyP G-12, there is a reason for that. We

Custom Build Gallery, Duty Cycle AWD

Mar 08, 201410 Comments

This is an awesome All-Wheel-Drive E-bike, and it is also a folder so that it can be carried onto a train for day-trips to the

BMW announces a new E-bike for 2014

Mar 05, 201413 Comments

BMW produced 200 small folding electric bikes in 2012 as part of a public relations campaign about their new electric concept car, the i3. You

Qulbix Raptor, Offroad Hot Rod Electric Bik...

Mar 02, 20144 Comments

The Qulbix Raptor is a high-performance E-bike frame that is made to allow a very large battery pack, and a very high-powered rear hub-motor. We’ve