DIY non-hub builds, the why and how (part 1...

Feb 19, 201319 Comments

Common hub motor kits have a simple construction which keeps the price low (especially with Chinese mass-production). The low price and easy installation makes them

Electric Bike Emergency Repair Kits

Jul 20, 20125 Comments

You can tell a lot about a man about how he handles times of tribulation and challenge on his rides. Here is a write up

FFR Trikes Dominates Pikes Peak

Jul 15, 20122 Comments

July, 2012 6:30 AM at the crack of dawn, on one of the most rigorous road climbs in the United States, a group of electric

Stealth Bomber and Fighter / Modifying the ...

Jul 03, 201229 Comments

July, 2012 Many would wonder why anyone would want to modify such a well-proven package like the Stealth Bomber or the Stealth Fighter and I

10 Secret Intrinsic Benefits of an Electri...

Jun 30, 201217 Comments

This list is not being published on the front page because a lot of the contents in this story are secret. We who ride fast

When Auto Makers Build E-bikes; Big 10

Jun 24, 20129 Comments

No question about it, car designers have shown that they can build awesome electric bikes, and we have seen it in a number of high

Custom Build Gallery, Simons Specialized Su...

Apr 24, 20126 Comments

Its ironic that in the same month that Specialized announced the release of their first electric bike and touting it as the “fastest ebike ever”

Custom Build Gallery, Dogati Super Electric...

Mar 08, 201214 Comments

The Dogati is probably the finest example of home built electric bike rolling on the streets today. It is a single bike that started as