An introduction to lithium 18650 batteries

May 03, 20176 Comments

The development of electrical transport, from skateboards and scooters to buses and trucks, has been an evolution of battery power. We’ve been able to store

How to make a lithium battery last, or̷...

Mar 16, 201724 Comments

We have written in the past about tips that will help your expensive lithium battery pack last as long as possible. This article will cover

Motor Tech: learn the terms, Part-2

Dec 18, 20161 Comment

If you actually know anything about electric motor technology, and you don’t hate me yet? Buckle up…this article is going to be a bumpy ride.

Ebike charging for long Battery life

Sep 14, 20169 Comments

Ebike charging for long Battery life So, you want your battery to last a long time?…remember that most people will not ride their ebike 500

Mid Drive Kits, Dump the Derailleur and get...

Jun 04, 201642 Comments

The popular Bafang BBS02 and BBSHD mid drives are introducing an entirely new generation to electric bikes. Many of these new ebikers are asking about

​Ebike Battery Math: Volts, Amps, Amp Hou...

Dec 05, 201522 Comments

These days, awesome ebike battery packs constructed of quality 18650 cells are available to average bike builders thanks to  advances in 18650 DIY pack building

52V battery packs, plus the 3077 FET we lov...

Nov 02, 201512 Comments

For years, the electric bicycle market used legacy designations for power system voltages, like 24V, 36V and 48V. This was because the earliest systems used

Water-proofing, and basic ebike trouble-sho...

Oct 23, 20158 Comments

Sooner or later, even the most expensive ebike can have a minor glitch. The problem is that…right now there aren’t a lot of ebike mechanics

Five Large Hot Rod Hubmotors for Street E-b...

Aug 10, 201510 Comments

Direct drive hubmotors have remained popular for street E-bikes that are running hot rod amounts of power. Here is a list of some of the

Amazing new 18650 cells for E-bike batterie...

Jul 12, 201528 Comments

The new 18650-format cells that are just now becoming available are an exciting milestone that changes everything in the high-performance E-bike world. Back in 2013,