Sine-wave controllers, making hub-motors su...

Sep 01, 201310 Comments

Sine-wave controllers are starting to get some interest, so we thought some of our readers would like to know what the benefits are, so they

GNG Gen2 750W Mid-Drive Kit Review

May 01, 20137 Comments

This is an affordable and useful mid drive, if you think you would be happy with 750W…and live where there are hills. Quite a few buyers

Is My E-Bike Legal? USA Ebike Law

Apr 23, 201357 Comments

Disclaimer.  This article is not written by a lawyer, and in no way constitutes legal advice. This article is intended only as a guide to

The Next Best Ebike Battery for 2013?

Apr 20, 201318 Comments

There is a recently introduced battery chemistry that we will likely be seeing a lot of soon. Lithium-Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt-Oxide, or LiNiMnCoO2/NMC. Since Asian battery manufacturers have

Regenerative Brakes on Ebikes

Apr 20, 201329 Comments

Regenerative braking is very common on electric cars, and rare on electric bikes. Regen means that the electric motor is used to slow you down

DIY non-hub builds, the why and how (part 1...

Feb 19, 201319 Comments

Common hub motor kits have a simple construction which keeps the price low (especially with Chinese mass-production). The low price and easy installation makes them

Replacing or Upgrading Hub Motor Wires

Oct 27, 201214 Comments

This is the first in our series of ebike repair stories. Also, replacing the wires going into your motor is a great first step in

Torque Sensors on Electric Bikes

Oct 18, 201222 Comments

A torque sensor is a type of throttle that determines how much juice to feed the motor based on how hard the rider is pedaling.

Adding speed & comfort to your E-bike:...

Sep 27, 20125 Comments

Submitted by Larry Hayes  “Deerfencer”  As a former road bike devotee partial to 30-40 mile fast touring rides, back in the 1990’s I began experimenting

How to Lace an E-Bike Hub Motor

Sep 17, 20128 Comments

This article is primarily aimed at guiding a less experienced bike mechanic through rim replacement on an electric bike hub motor.  It also can be