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Pow! Top 10 tips for riding your ebike in d...

Jan 17, 20206 Comments

If you are a fun hog like I am you will find nothing more fun than crashing down a snow-covered trail on an electric fat

Top 10 reasons to build / borrow / steal a ...

Oct 08, 201924 Comments

The other day while slumming it on another ebiker’s blog (which I should never, ever do) I stumbled across this article titled “Why you don’t

10 Most Influential People of the E-bike Re...

Feb 17, 201723 Comments

Editor Note: This list  excludes anyone who owns an ebike company and makes a living off of Ebikes. Nobody wants to pick the top 10

10 Fastest Production Ebikes 2017

Sep 19, 201647 Comments

 If you are a fast electric bike builder or owner…. check out our Fast Electric Bike Facebook page for up to the minute fast bike

12 Crank-Forward bikes as an E-bike commute...

Jun 09, 201510 Comments

A crank forward frame means that the bottom bracket has been positioned a little more forward than it would be on most common cruiser frames.

12 E-bike KIT power levels, from 360W to 8,...

Mar 21, 201431 Comments

If you are fairly new to the idea of an E-bike, and you think you might want one, this article hopes to give you some

29 Factory Mid Drives for Electric Bikes in...

Jan 21, 201414 Comments

Mid drives were taking the electric bike world by storm in 2013, and they were the break-out story this year at the two biggest international

26 Mid Drive Kits for DIY Electric Bikes

Jan 20, 201450 Comments

Some of the most refined electric bikes on the market are mid drives. And until recently, if you wanted a mid drive electric bike you

Top 10 Lightest Electric Bikes

May 28, 201326 Comments

To build a lightweight electric bike is a mission full of compromises. Forget ride comfort, balloon tires, comfy seat, suspension and other niceties. Forget

The 10 Most Expensive Electric Bikes

May 10, 201320 Comments

Having big money is a nice thing, especially if your an electric bike fanatic. There is nothing cheap that matches the fine finish and performance