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Top 10 Famous Utilitarian Ebikes

May 09, 20132 Comments

Last weeks top 10 list featured the Most Elegant Garage Builds Ever. Most home built electric bikes weren’t built to look pretty. This list

Top 10 Fastest DIY Electric Bikes

May 08, 201345 Comments

Contrary to popular opinion, the fastest electric bikes in the world right now were built in garages, not in factory workshops. Maybe its because

Top 10 Elegant Garage Built Ebikes

May 03, 20133 Comments

Sometimes it stupefies me on how bad production electric bikes can look (not the ones we usually review here). Did they get their

2013: Year of the Illegal Ebike

Apr 28, 201321 Comments

April 28th, 2013  In the last few weeks, Stromer and Specialized have announced new electric bikes that would be illegally fast by USA federal law.

Getting Away with Riding an Illegal Ebike:1...

Apr 27, 201334 Comments

With the introduction of production electric bikes that are illegal on city streets because of their high top-speed and power (read our article on 10

Top 10 Tips for Buying an E-Bike

Dec 06, 20124 Comments

Thanks to Brett Thurber, the owner of the  New Wheel (electric bike shop in San Francisco) for this insightful buying guide. Just like in Europe

10 Nifty Pieces of Chinese Ebike Tech

Oct 13, 201218 Comments is blocked in China.  I do not know why that is. Earlier this year we did a list of the 10 coolest pieces of ebike

10 Reasons to Make your Electric Bike Fast

Sep 19, 20123 Comments

Fast electric bikes are heavy, bulky, expensive, unreliable, dangerous, and can be a public nuisance. Read more about the drawbacks here. What are the positives?

10 Pointers for Owning a Fast Electric Bike...

Sep 19, 20123 Comments

Owning a fast electric bike can be expensive.  (see our article) Here are some ways you can save yourself some money. 1. Invest now in