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10 Dangers Unique to Electric Bikes

Jul 26, 201216 Comments

We all know the  dangers of riding a motorcycle and a bicycle. Here are dangers unique to electric bikers, that are a good idea to be aware

10 E-Bike Crashes Caught on Tape

Jul 23, 201222 Comments

Luckily there are only a handful of electric bike accidents caught on video, most of which are here on this list. In the majority of

10 Turn Key Cruiser Electric Bikes

Jul 14, 201216 Comments

A handful of business minded e-bike builders have figured out that Cruiser Bikes make great electric bike conversions. The long wheel base is good for high

10 Hedonistic Pleasures of Riding an Electr...

Jul 07, 20128 Comments

Forget saving the environment, forget one less car, forget setting a good example to your fellow citizens, family and children. Forget about a spiritual connection to

10 ways a Cargo Electric Bike Saves Money

Jul 05, 20123 Comments

July, 2012 A cargo electric bike has the ability to transform your life and be a true car replacement. So what are you waiting for,

10 Secret Intrinsic Benefits of an Electri...

Jun 30, 201217 Comments

This list is not being published on the front page because a lot of the contents in this story are secret. We who ride fast

When Auto Makers Build E-bikes; Big 10

Jun 24, 20129 Comments

No question about it, car designers have shown that they can build awesome electric bikes, and we have seen it in a number of high

Top 10 Ebikes with Purpose Built Frames

Jun 21, 20129 Comments

This is hardly a top-1o list since there are barely ten manufacturers out there building a purpose-built electric bike. As hard as it is to believe,

Top 10 Pieces of E-Bike Porn

Jun 11, 201214 Comments

June, 2012 This is the list of the sexiest pieces of E-bike technology ever made. No, the golf caddy on the  Hanebrink (pictured above) didn’t