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Top 10 Ebikes of the Future

May 15, 201236 Comments

May, 2012 2012 has been an exciting year for E-bike announcements. Here is a list of 10 amazing electric bikes that could potentially change the

10 Point Hub Motor Break Down

Mar 21, 201237 Comments

Mass produced Hub motors out of China have made a huge impact on the electric bike market. There are a large number of E-bikes available

E-bike Or Motorycle Top 10 Lists

Mar 16, 20126 Comments

Pictured are  two beautiful motor bikes are side by side. A $10,000+ Ducati Monster motorcycle, and a $10,000+  e-bike named the Dogati, a soon to

10 ways an E-bike can save money

Mar 08, 201215 Comments

Pictures above is my E-bike. A one year old BMC-powered folder conversion with over 3000 miles on it in about a year and a half