ElectricBike.com brings Its FORUM Live!

Feb 16, 20161 Comment

ElectricBike.com is proud to announce that we have brought our new forum live. You can find our forum here:  http://electricbike.com/forum/  or follow the link in

Sondors Electric Fat Bike, 2016 Review

Feb 01, 201632 Comments

Before I start this review,  I would like to establish what we know about the state of the Sondors campaign. The Sondors bike is not

Sondors is at it again, the 2016 Sondors Th...

Jan 23, 20163 Comments

The Sondors ebike company made a huge splash in 2015 when it raised over 6-million dollars to sell fatbikes in an Indiegogo campaign. In the

BMS’s, what the hell do they do?

Jan 06, 201625 Comments

The Battery Management System (BMS) on an ebikes battery pack is one of the least understood, and yet most important components on an ebike. Most

Ebike Charging; Fast or Slow?

Dec 20, 201513 Comments

Everyone likes a fast charge…the idea of charging your battery pack quickly is an exciting concept and its actually very possible. However, as it is with

2-speed hub motors, E-matic and Xiongda

Jun 29, 201419 Comments

This is an important development for E-bikes, but they have not yet evolved into their final form. These are relevant because hub motors remain the

Custom Build Gallery, The Backyard-Millyard...

May 18, 20141 Comment

Back in May of 2011, endless-sphere member “Tri-lobe” (Tom, from Newcastle, Australia) saw a Down-Hill (DH) racing bike that was made by a guy named Allen

Electra Townie Go! 250W Cruiser

May 02, 20142 Comments

I am a fan of the Electra Townie. If you want to see a custom project that shows what can be done with a Townie,

Miele eVox, non-hub electric bike from Proc...

Apr 05, 20147 Comments

I was looking at new ebikes on the web recently, and I stumbled across this interesting E-bike. It is designed and produced by the Canadian

Leo DiCaprio riding Stromer E-bikes

Mar 15, 20142 Comments

Leonardo DiCaprio is an actor, and if you haven’t heard of him, he has been nominated quite a few times for his acting skill, but