Custom Build Gallery, Nicks eTownie

Feb 22, 2014No Comments

Nick first posted about his Electra Townie conversion way back in December of 2010. I was immediately impressed with several features. The battery enclosure in

Accel Group sells Hercules E-bikes to ZEG

Feb 16, 2014No Comments

The Dutch-based global corporation Accell Group may not be familiar to North American E-bikers, but they are huge. They have announced that they are selling

Clean Mobile is back! and with an awesome n...

Feb 10, 2014No Comments

The German company Clean Mobile is located in Seefeld (near Munich), and they filed for bankruptcy in 2012 (owned by TQ-Group) to shed itself from the

eProdigy Bikes, Mid-Drives from Canada

Jan 08, 201410 Comments

It’s big news that mid-drives have really made a splash on the E-bike world in 2013, and the places where they have proven to be

Cromotor, Monster Hubmotor for Electric Bik...

Jan 03, 201425 Comments

Zvonimir is an engineer who lives in Croatia, between Italy and Greece on the beautiful Adriatic Sea (ES member HAL9000V2.0). In a recent story, we

Electric Bikes in 2013, the Year in Review

Dec 08, 20132 Comments

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ― Albert Einstein “To keep moving is easier and faster on an

Rosenberger Charge Connectors Make Ebike Ch...

Dec 06, 20135 Comments

Several large manufacturers have decided to embrace a common charging plug standard, called “Rosenberger Power and Data” (RoPD). It is being promoted by the EnergyBus

10 More Boardtracker E-Bikes

Dec 03, 201312 Comments

Back in July, we wrote a story on Harrison E-bikes from Finland. Then, as I began scrolling the internet over the next few months for other

UPS/FedEx/DHL using E-Trikes for delivery i...

Nov 28, 20135 Comments

About a year ago, the UPS depot in Dortmund Germany began a test program that used electric trikes to deliver packages around the older sections

Matra, E-bikes from France

Nov 25, 20131 Comment

November, 2013 I was recently scanning cyclurba.fr, an electric bicycle forum from France (thanks, Google translate!). I came across a name that I hadn’t seen