Green Bike Effect / GBE E-bikes

Jun 30, 2013No Comments

Written by Ron/Spinningmagnets, June 2013 Large mainstream bicycle companies have actually begun to embrace electric bicycles this last year, judging from the new products presented

Pedego Trail Tracker Review

Mar 07, 20132 Comments

Pedego, known for their beach cruiser line of electric bikes, has made the brash move of releasing a Sand/Trail bike, a natural progression for a

Third Element eSpire, German off-roader wit...

Feb 02, 20131 Comment

  Written by Ron/Spinningmagnets, February 2013 This is a very expensive German full-suspension E-Bike that is only available in Europe at this time. The drive system is

BH E-motion Neo Jumper, 350W E-bike series

Feb 02, 20134 Comments

Here’s a bike that you are unlikely to see in North America any time soon. This is an example of what happens when politicians of

M55 Ebike Video Glimpses

Jan 27, 20133 Comments

One of the most exciting and elusive electric bikes on the market is the $40,000 full suspension, mid drive M55 (read our story here). Up until last

Electric Bike Graveyard

Nov 04, 201221 Comments

The electric bike graveyard stands as a warning to all entrepreneurs who think that the electric bike market is a lucrative easy business. So far there

KTM Eshopper Wins Gold at Eurobike

Sep 01, 20125 Comments

September, 2012 An electric bike won the esteemed gold medal at the 2012 Eurobike show in Germany. Made by Austrian manufacturer KTM, a cargo utility

Smart E-Bike Factory Floor; Fresh German Ai...

Jul 31, 20128 Comments

Smart E-bike is officially in production, and we are now seeing the first pictures of the electric bike on the factory floor (read our story

3 months old; Resigning as moderator on ES

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March 22nd  2012. Today we turned 3 months old and hit 3000 unique visitors on the same day. Things are really ticking. We have 3

Hi-Power Cycles Review and Comparison

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I hate how Hi-Power Cycles and Pedego have posted a zillion advertisments on ebay to effectively drown out any other ebay offerings. I like to