10 Turn Key Cruiser Electric Bikes

July 14, 2012

A handful of business minded e-bike builders have figured out that Cruiser Bikes make great electric bike conversions. The long wheel base is good for high speed. The laid back riding style is comfortable for long rides. The huge frame gives plenty of space to hide big battery packs. The thick tires give good stability and a comfortable ride over road imperfections.

Most importantly, the awesome styling smashes the “E-bikes are for dorks” stereotype with a hammer, and makes the bikes much easier to sell because they are more stylish and refined looking.

Here we list 10 samples of cruiser electric bikes available to the public now. Click on the e-bike name to go to company website.


The Liberator

This electric bike was lovingly crafted in Estonia with many custom components. It uses a rear hub motor with a custom fitted 3 speed IGH for pedal gearing. The end result is stunningly beautiful. Like many of the E-bikes below, it is styled after the classic “board track” racing motorcycles from the turn-of-the-century USA.



Elector Bike

This electric cruiser was inspired by the Indian Motorcycle, and it uses a rear hub motor with a Shimano IGH as a “jackshaft” located at mid frame for the pedal gearing. Notice all the frame space for the very large lithium battery, a 48V 20-Ah LiFePO4 which allows extra long cruises. It has a Crystalyte rear hub motor providing the power.



Marrs Electric Cruiser

Wood goes well on an electric cruiser. The Marrs is beautifully crafted with 48V 15-Ah battery hidden behind the wood panels and a  direct drive hub motor to give you plenty of power and speed. This thing is  a true work of art.




 Voltage Cycles

I have ridden this E-bike and it is a sweet ride. The 50V / 10-Ah LiFePO4 battery is beautifully hidden in the meticulously crafted gas tank. It is powered by a rear hub motor.




PG  Bikes  Black Block 2

PG-bikes is best known in the electric bike world for their $80,000 cruiser the Blacktrail. (read our story) This bike is available in both a hub motor and a Clean Mobile mid drive configuration. We highly recommend the Clean Mobile mid drive on this bike because it allows both you and the motor to share the same transmission which can be a desirable IGH that’s built into the rear hub.

Hawk Classic Electric Bikes

You’ll notice right away that the front geared hub motor is somewhat small, but that’s because this attractive cruiser is made for the European market, with its silly 200W power restrictions. At least it runs off of 36V (instead of the weaker 24V), but the size of the battery is a tiny and sad 6.6-Ah. 36V on a small hub will provide a mild assist, but on long hills the small motor can get very hot.

The Vintage 60 Electric Cruiser

This bike uses the standard Chinese hub motor and controller, and the battery is hidden in the expertly crafted gas tank. In stock form, this Euro-spec system is low on watts. However, once you get it home, a battery and controller upgrade will really hot rod this retro-innovative frame, since the stock direct-drive hub has plenty of copper mass. The primitive-style front and rear suspension systems both have a short stroke, but coupled with the fat tires and sprung saddle, I have to give this company credit for making an awesome frame available to the public.


The Swiss Cruiser

The Swiss Cruiser Happymaker  is the only bike on this list (other than expensive optional Clean Mobile drive system on the the Black Block) to not go the easy way out and use a hub motor. It has a mid drive system which uses an over-sized gear on the rear wheel and a small sprocket on the motor to provide the reduction needed to run the electric motor at the necessary high rpm. This is a fast bike which will set you back 3,000 euros. It has a purpose built frame to hold the battery pack.

Electric Choppers of Oregon

I saw and rode this bike at the 2012 Makers Faire. It features the well-regarded headway cells, a rear hub motor, and has a built in amplifier to power speakers mounted to the front handle bars.



Pedego Electric Bikes

Compared to the other extreme cruisers on this page the Pedego is a simpleton when it comes to its design. The Pedego specializes in affordably priced cruiser bikes imported from China. You can read our review on my favorite Pedego cruiser,  the Interceptor here.



Written by Eric, July 2012


Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


  1. Love the cruisers. On my list of ebikes to build one day. My favorite out of that group is the Voltage Cycles followed closely by the Mars.

  2. These all look great but you guys are leaving out 2 awesome builds. Ace Motorbikes, and my new creation Bronko2! Check them out y’all:)

  3. How could you leave out the Juicer?


    • I thought of that bike, but isnt it out of production?

  4. Has anyone ridden a Bodhi bike? What is their quality?

  5. Check out this bike as a possible conversion cruiser. Full suspension!

  6. yeah, that full suspension cruiser would be sick with agni motor.Or maybe he could build a full suspension gravity bike frame that size.

  7. Lots of very cool cruisers shown here but I think they only production model listed is the Pedego. The rest are all one of a kind or very limited production.

    • You are right. I will do a separate story on commercial turn key cruisers….thanks for the idea.

  8. Very nice the Swiss cruiser! I like it very much.
    I am building a Hybrid motorcycle, the base is a FZR 1000 frame.

  9. I just took delivery of my Swiss cruiser in Japan. It’s fast and has a super long battery life. The only “bad” thing is the discomfort of the steel seat. It really rubs the inside of my thighs when I do some pedaling. I had to modify the seat to make it bearable ….I love my swiss cruiser! Real attention getter everywhere I go… Thanks Serge!

  10. I require…, a relatively lightweight, pedal assisted, tall, ‘sit-up–and-beg’ style electric bike. I cannot lean forward onto the handle bars. Neck and arm weaknesses!) Can any of these bikes be topped up using a motor car/van, do you think? Just thought…, maybe have a spare charged up battery in the vehicle?

    • You don’t want a cruiser style if you plan to pedal any distance or on hills. The ergonomics are poor for transmitting leg power.

  11. “Well regarded” Headway cells? If you are cutting corners, maybe.

  12. Rayvolt is the best in the market – RBS regenerative braking system (ie recharges whilst you ride) EIVA own software system

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